Clairvoyance is your gift of psychic vision.


  • Ability to read the energy field or aura around a person
  • Receives information through symbols, images and pictures in your mind’s eye
  • Capacity to project your energy into other locations around the globe for remote viewing
  • Foresight to “see ahead” into future events and situations
  • Retroactive vision into the past to witness details of past events and situations
  • May catch glimpses of sequential actions
  • Ideal for spotting fashion trends
  • Understands the symbology and psychology of color
  • Great for creating the ideal appearance to fit in to any group or situation
  • Best for decorating a space and knowing how to lay out any environment
  • Helps you find lost items
  • Capacity to shift perspective, such as when you narrow your inner vision to inspect things up close, such as looking inside the organs of the body, or expand to get a wider view, such as observing the building from street level
  • May receive images in a dream or daydream
  • Good at tracking the messages of nature
  • Makes it easier for you to manifest what you want because you have the capacity to visualize the end result
  • Sees beyond appearances to what is really going on
  • Visionary to see what’s really needed
  • Photographic memory
  • Ability to see angels


  • Tendency to get stuck on a specific picture of how you think your life or other people’s situations should look
  • You must interpret the pictures you see in your mind’s eye
  • Best psychic sense for creating a believable impression – i.e., “seeing is believing”
  • May get confused thinking what you visualize is your imagination rather than guidance from your soul
  • So focused on appearance you may miss the underlying feelings or emotions

Energy center for receiving clairvoyance:

  • 6th chakra (third eye)

What helps to develop your clairvoyance:

  • Relax your gaze and use your peripheral vision to look past a person’s shoulder
  • Have a person stand in front of a white wall and notice the transparent colors of their energy field
  • Go into a dimly lit room with a mirror and look past your own shoulder
  • Pay attention to pictures or images that flash into your mind
  • Focus on your third eye when you meditate
  • Surround yourself with beauty
  • Always look your best
  • Let go of judgment so that you allow yourself to observe rather than moralizing or even having opinions about what’s really happening
  • Use an eye pillow when you meditate to relax your physical eyes
  • Ask your angels to help you see more of what is really going on
  • Integrate the right and left hemispheres of your brain in order to open your third eye

When I attended Brown University, I majored in art history.
My professor at the time, Kermit Champa, was chairman of the art history department. He was such an amazing teacher I would have majored in tire repairs if that is what he had been instructing about.

It was there at Brown, studying art through the ages, that I began to uncover the very useful gift of photographic memory.

I could be talking about a painting and visualize it in my mind’s eye in great detail, discussing it as if the thing itself was right there in front of me.

Nowadays as a medical intuitive healer, I use the gift of clairvoyance frequently in my work in many useful ways.

Although my primary psychic gift is claircognizance, the prophetic gift of knowing, I am able to see in a very practical way – whether it is visualizing clients far away who I am speaking with over the phone, or body organs that speak to me needing attention.

When I have worked with clients about their past lives, I have seen moving pictures of the details of what has happened to them.

I have taken photographs of angels in and around my studio. You can see the photographs on the Pinterest board My Angels at this link.

I put one of my photographs of an angel in my studio on the cover of my book What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness. 

"Angel in my studio, Catherine Carrigan Medical Intuitive"

Angel in my studio, Catherine Carrigan Medical Intuitive

"Angel to the right of my front door taken by Catherine Carrigan Medical Intuitive"

Angel to the right of my front door taken by Catherine Carrigan Medical Intuitive