To free yourself from pain and suffering, you must have a deeper understanding of your pain body and the way it actually works.

What is the pain body?

What Your Body Really Is

To understand your pain body, you would need to understand the way that I, as a medical intuitive healer,  view your whole body:

  • You have a physical body, which includes your muscles, bones, glands and organs.
  • You have an energy body, which includes your chakras, your acupuncture meridians and your breath.
  • You have an emotional body, which includes your emotions and all your feelings including the ones you do not have words for quite yet.
  • You have an intellectual body, which includes your mind, your thoughts and your beliefs.
  • Finally, you have a spiritual body, which is the part of you beyond all space and time. Many people refer to this as your soul.

Simply put, your pain body is the same thing as your emotional body. 

Emotions can shut down literally any other level of your being.

Don’t believe me?

A Story of How Emotional Pain Changed Me Physically

Let me tell you a story.

In 2004 I was on vacation in Los Angeles.

I was driving a rental car in Santa Monica on the way to attend a yoga class when my cell phone rang.

My beloved professor from Brown University, Kermit Champa, had just died.

Up until that point, I had spoken to him virtually every week of my life for 24 years. He had brought me through the hard times, the good times, he had helped me understand myself and been the father I always wanted and never had. And then he was gone.

Even though I was well rested, well fed and eager to practice yoga, when I arrived at the class, all I could do was lie on my mat barely able to move.

Suddenly I felt like all my energy had evaporated.

Perhaps you can relate a similar experience where a sudden emotional experience changed literally everything about you!

What Controls What In Your Body

Here’s how this all works together:

  • Your spiritual body controls your intellectual body. 
  • Your intellectual body controls your emotional body.  
  • Your emotional body controls your energy body.
  • Your energy body controls your physical body.

Simply understanding this fact can save you years of pain and suffering.

The Levels of Power In Your Body

You can think of each of these bodies as levels of power:

  • Your soul controls your mind. That’s why, as we develop our spirituality, we can become mentally stronger and more capable of withstanding the vicissitudes of life. That is why many frail elderly people have become like spiritual warriors. Even though they may not be as physically strong as they used to be, they become a great source of strength for their entire community.
  • Your mind controls your emotions. As you look for the wisdom rather than the hurt in all life’s challenges, you can save yourself tremendous emotional pain. That’s why thinking positively, looking on the bright side, having a sense of humor and reframing your challenges can soften the blows you feel emotionally.
  • Your emotions control your energy. You can learn how to feel your feelings and let them go – as opposed to either running away from them through addictions like drugs (legal and illegal), alcohol, sex, overworking and the hundreds of other ways you can ignore what’s really going on. A good way to think of emotions is that they are a process. As you develop healthy stress management skills you can process through the inevitable hurts more easily. I often work with young teens and have tremendous compassion because they have not yet learned how to handle all their emotions and can quite easily be derailed by disappointment, divorce, death and the challenges of growing up. No matter what our age, the more you develop healthy methods of handling your emotions, the healthier you will be in every way. You can download a FREE chart about how stress affects your body at this link on my website. It’s quite humbling to learn what ailments are related to our inability to cope with the stress in our lives.
  • Your energy body, which includes your chakras, your acupuncture meridians and your breath, controls your physical. That is why when your chi is depleted you can feel so physically weak.

Your Physical Body Is Simply Your Result

Your physical body is simply the densest part of who you are.

A good way to think of your physical body is that it is the result.

Your physical body is the result of your energy, your emotions, your mind and your soul.

By the time you experience pain and suffering, the causes of that pain and suffering have been with you for some time.

That’s because energy enters in through your spiritual, filters down into your mind, then your emotions, then your energy body and finally congeals in your physical body.

If I am working with a client to relieve pain and suffering, I have to reverse the process.

That means you have to move the vibration of pain and suffering back out of your physical, through your energy, through your emotions, through your mind and all the way past your spiritual self.

Simply put, pain comes in through your spiritual, past the gateway of your mind, into your emotions where things can get quite tumultuous, through your energy and finally into your physical organs, glands, bones and muscles.

To get rid of pain, you have to reverse the process.

That’s why – if you have only been working to get rid of pain through your physical body – you may not have been too successful.

You have to honor who you really are and take into account all five bodies to get rid of your pain and suffering.

How Energy Flows In Your Body

Yesterday I was working with a new client who had been suffering from chronic low back pain.

Although she had worked regularly with a chiropractor, massage therapist and cranio sacral therapist, improved her nutrition and started practicing yoga, nothing could get rid of the chronic nagging pain on the right side.

She came to me for a medical intuitive reading.

Very quickly I explained that 30 percent of her pain was due to a low functioning right kidney, 40 percent due to severe adrenal burnout and the last 30 percent due to spiritual loneliness as her soul was longing for companionship of like-minded people.

Even though she is happily married, has two well-behaved children and a fulfilling part-time job, she admitted she had been longing for people she could really talk to about the things that her soul had begun to perceive.

“If you think I’m tired now you should have seen me years ago,” she told me.

Her self care and great attitude had indeed made a difference, but not cleared her low back pain completely.

I explained to her the way energy flows in the body:

  • Energy enters at the crown of your head through the bahui point.
  • The hara line is a vertical electrical current running through the bahui all the way down into the center of the earth. Any breaks, blowouts or disruptions in your hara line can lead to major disruptions in the flow of your energy. I can heal your hara line and also teach you how to perceive it and heal it yourself.
  • Your hara line feeds energy into your chakras. People who practice energy exercise such as yoga, tai chi and qi gong are doing themselves a wonderful favor by balancing the energy centers in their bodies. This is why I have taught yoga for 20 years and practiced and taught qi gong for about as long. Although these forms of exercise may be gentle, their benefits are quite profound. The more balanced your chakras, the more balanced your endocrine system and every organ system in your body will be. In addition to energy exercise, you can visit a highly trained energy healer such as myself to clean out and repair your chakras.
  • Your chakras feed your acupuncture meridians. I practice acupressure (without needles) as well as Reiki and other forms of energy healing. A block in your acupuncture meridians may be the cause of your pain.
  • Your acupuncture meridians feed your organs. In the case of my client, after all her chiropractic, massage, craniosacral therapy, yoga and good nutrition, it was a surprise for her to hear that her right kidney and right adrenal gland was partially the source of her pain. Energy work – whether it be energy exercise or energy healing – can build the chi in your organs.
  • Your organs feed your muscles. If you have a chronic muscle pain, you can learn which organs that muscle is related to. If you want to understand the health of your organs, you can download this FREE assessment on my website at this link. The healthier your organs, the less pain you will feel.

Your entire body is like one big hologram with each aspect deeply interrelated to other aspects of yourself.

When you suffer pain, the more you inquire about how these different aspects correlate, the more likely you are to root out the causes and resolve the issue.

Every Organ Carries Emotions That May Be Adding to Your Pain Body

If you visit my website, you can download a FREE chart that lists out the emotions that correlate with the major organs in your body. Just click on this link.

Let’s just take one organ for example.

Your large intestine acupuncture meridian of course relates to your colon.

The muscles that it correlates with include your quadratus lumborum muscle in your lower back as well as your hamstrings. If you have low back pain, more than likely these muscles are highly involved in your suffering.

That is why if you came to me for corrective exercise and therapeutic yoga for low back pain, more than likely I would recommend exercises to lengthen your hamstrings and balance the two sides of your quadratus lumborum muscles.

The emotions associated with your large intestine include:

  • Guilt
  • Grief
  • Regret
  • Release
  • Self worth (or lack thereof)
  • Enthusiasm
  • Depression
  • Letting go
  • Indifference
  • (Un)merciful
  • Compassion
  • Sadness
  • Apathy

Now Here’s the Truth: What You Experience Is In You, Not Out There

Most of the time we believe that world outside of us is the cause of the emotions that we feel.

As a long-time medical intuitive healer, I am here to tell you the truth.

What you feel is inside of you.

If you feel angry, you will look out into the world and find things to feel angry, bitter and upset about.

If you feel depressed, you will look out and find 100 reasons to feel sorrowful.

As you change your inner experience, the world you experience changes also.

You Can Not Get Rid Of Your Pain Until and Unless You Shift Your Emotions

If I am doing a healing – no matter whether that healing is to get rid of the pain in your back, help you improve your business, get to the bottom of your money issues or to improve your relationship with your mother – after setting the goal, the very next thing I do is find the emotion or emotions that have kept your suffering in place.

Why is this so important?

Simply put, you can not get rid of your pain until and unless you have resolved the emotions that have held it in place.

If you don’t, you simply morph that energy from one part of the body to another.

You fix your hurt knee, your wrist goes wonky.

You fix your knee and your wrist and then your foot starts hurting.

And so on.

Emotions Are Vibrational Patterns

You can think of emotions like vibrational patterns.

You can download a FREE chart on my website to understand the relative heaviness or lightness of specific emotions. Click on this link to learn more.

The lowest vibration emotions, from least to most damaging, include:

  • Affirmation
  • Scorn
  • Hate
  • Craving
  • Anxiety
  • Regret
  • Despair
  • Blame
  • Humiliation

All True Healing Must Include Emotional Healing

As you resolve these emotions in yourself, you stop carrying the vibration.

As you stop feeling these emotions, you stop lighting up the parts of your brain related to the acupuncture meridians.

As you clear this energy from all parts of your body, you start feeling lighter and less bothered by the pain.

This is why integrated holistic healing is a must in this day and age.

This is why, as a medical intuitive healer, I work on all five bodies – your spiritual, intellectual, emotional, energetic and physical self.

A Personal Story

In in the fall of 2015, I was practicing my yoga when I noticed that my left wrist was hurting. I had just come out of a full wheel. Even though I had learned the correct form so as not to strain my wrist, I felt a sharp shooting pain.

As busy as I was, I didn’t pay much attention until a few months later when I was practicing qi gong.

I lifted my left wrist and noticed a large protruding bump – a ganglion cyst.

It turns out that my mother also has a ganglion cyst, also known as a Bible bump because an old timey remedy is to hit it with a large heavy Bible to get rid of the bump. Turns out her ganglion cyst is in the exact same place as mine only hers isn’t hurting any longer.

“I’m 57 years old and I can still blame something on my mommy,” I joked with my yoga class.

Indeed, many of the vibrational patterns that cause our pain and suffering did not in fact start with us. These are called:

  • Genomes, or genetic thought patterns.
  • Miasms, or beliefs, habits and thought patterns that we picked up from the culture we grew up in.

I identified the emotion behind my wrist pain and began taking a flower essence to resolve the feelings.

Even if the pattern had in fact started with my mother, it was now in my own cells and if I wanted to resolve the pain I had to deal with it.

As I did so, I also received chiropractic adjustments as my carpal bones had become misaligned.

Eventually the pain lessened.

Then one day I noticed I had run out of the flower essence I had been taking to resolve the emotions behind my wrist pain.

Thinking I may be over it by now, I didn’t bother to start on my second bottle.

A few days after I ran out, I noticed my wrist pain had returned!

I immediately began taking the second bottle and continued to process the emotions that had made me hurt so badly.

To Get Rid of Pain, You Must Take An Integrated Approach

You can take an aspirin, call your chiropractor, visit your medical doctor for an Xray or an MRI. I strongly support all these approaches and can also recommend many natural healing remedies for pain.

But when you really want to get rid of pain and suffering, you will want to take an integrated approach.

Ask yourself:

  • Where did my pain start?
  • What are the emotions I am feeling?
  • How are my spiritual, intellectual, emotional, energetic and physical bodies involved in this pain?

By taking an integrated approach, you can supercharge your healing, resolve your emotions, shift the vibration and empty out your pain body.

What is healing?

Healing happens when you honor who you really are as a human being and take advantage of this deeper knowledge to address all aspects of yourself.