Yesterday was the perfect Catherine day.

My friend Kathy Martin and I got together. We practiced yoga together in the morning, meditated together, ate lunch, beaded all afternoon and then did qi gong and tai chi.

Everything about yesterday fed my soul.

Being with one of my best friends.

Practicing yoga.


Making jewelry.

Practicing gi gong and tai chi.


Your cantillation is any activity that feeds your soul to such an extent that it lifts your vibration.

When you attain a state of true joy, the fact that you are lifted up can heal just about anything.

It goes along with the saying, “A problem can not be truly solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.”


Different people have different cantillations. Over the years, my clients have discovered their cantillations have included:

Writing poems

Playing the piano

Having sex

Driving race cars

Sailing on a lake

What is it that feeds your soul?


This is a photograph of two necklaces I made yesterday for my friend Shyamala Strack.


Shyamala is a world famous cranial sacral therapist.

She just got back from teaching in Ireland. She has taught in Hong Kong, Brazil and New Zealand as well as all over the United States.

I am so lucky that she is my healer.

My dog Belle and I go to see her every week she is in town.


The clear necklace on the left is made from beads I had no idea what I would do with. Clear quartz, agate, moonstone and various metal pieces make this up. It was such a delight for me to discover how to put them together.


The pink and mauve necklace on the right is made from rose quartz, garnet, rhodocrosite, lavender jade and glittery glass beads.


When I bead, I think of a person I want to make something for.

I tune in to that person’s energy and discern what colors and gemstones would be most therapeutic for that individual at this time. I have studied the therapeutic value of color and gems for years and use these elements not only in my jewelry making but also in my healing work.

By tuning in, I also know the right length and how to put the elements together so the whole effect will look gorgeous on that person.


Beading is so rewarding for me I can bead for hours and hours without noticing the time, needing to eat or drink. I also helped my friend Kathy make four necklaces and showed her how to finish each one with a clasp. I made another necklace of green turquoise, shiny glass beads and red coral for the mother of one of my clients.


I am happy to start my blog because taking the photos and writing my articles has the same effect for me as making jewelry.


Creativity feeds my soul.