One of the things that I evaluate when I do a medical intuitive reading is try to answer a simple question:

What is your energy doing?

Most people are barely aware of what their body is doing. To be fully grounded in your body, in my opinion, is an act of deep spiritual growth because you have to be fully in the moment and present to what is happening now to be in your body. That is why many fitness people are surprisingly far along on their spiritual path – they are more aware of their mind, body and spirit than the average medical person or even many people who focus primarily on the spiritual path.


To be conscious of what your energy is doing is yet another level of awareness.


Here are a few examples of what your energy may be doing:


Spinning Backwards. Recently I admit I was totally stuck with a new client. I am very good at what I do and I am used to seeing immediate changes when I do healing work. This particular client wasn’t getting better and I could not for the life of me figure out why, so I called a healer friend of mine for insight. He told me that my client’s energy was running backwards.

When my friend the healer in Canada read the situation, I thought, “Duh! Why didn’t I get that?”

What does this mean for energy to spin backwards?

Healthy cells spin in a clockwise direction.

This is actually a very important thing to look at because when the energy in cells spin backwards, toxins drive deeper into the cells.

Energy spinning backwards is one of the primary energy patterns in cancer.

If your energy is spinning backwards, there are simple energy exercises you can do to get it spinning clockwise again. The first Tibetan Rite is one of them. You can go to my website On the home page, there is a Google search button. Just type in Tibetan Rites and you will find photographs and directions.

How does your energy run backwards?

One of the main causes is eating microwaved food.

When you microwave food, it reverses the spin of the molecules.

Scientific research shows that even eating microwaved vegetables will raise your cholesterol, interfere with your digestion, make it harder for you to lose weight and lower your immune function.


Trying to control other people. This is a biggie.

The emotion behind the acupuncture meridian for the bladder is all about control.

If you have bladder problems, sit down and have an honest, heart-to-heart talk with yourself. Are you being a control freak?

Trying to control other people, the traffic, the weather, the events in your life, etc. etc. etc. is a primary cause of exhaustion.

One of the clues that you may be using your energy to control more than you ought to is that you feel tired pretty much all the time.

It’s exhausting trying to run around and control everyone and everything, rather than just letting it all be.

The opposite of course is to realize that if it’s actually all God, then it must actually be all good. Learning to go with the flow is an important key for healing the bladder and for anyone trying to overcome exhaustion.


In your head, not in your body. Another biggie. Years ago, I remember attending a conference of art historians. Now when I went to Brown University, I studied art history, so I am a big art appreciator and I love all kinds of art from many different centuries.

However, I remember being at this conference of art historians. I remember looking at them energetically. They all had huge heads and little lifeless bodies.

This pattern is not just prevalent in academics.

It’s common in many people who think the life of the mind is all there is.

You have emotions, you have a body and you have a spiritual self also.

If you have trouble feeling your feet, you may be living life through your ego and not totally connecting to all of yourself.


Scattered static. This one is a bit harder to explain.

For those of us who grew up with old television sets, we can remember when you changed a channel and went from one TV station to static.

I find many people on antidepressant and psychiatric drugs to have energy fields full of static. It’s like they can’t get a steady, even connection.

I am very respectful of each person’s growth process, but energy interference is just one of the many reasons I am against long-term use of antidepressants (I wrote a book about how to heal depression without drugs, Healing Depression: A Holistic Guide, Marlowe and Co., New York, 1997).

I find many people on psychiatric medications who think they are psychic.

In my opinion, for what it is worth, if you are on any form of psychiatric medication, that is a pretty good indication you are having trouble dealing with reality. I recommend these folks get a better handle on learning how to be happy in ordinary life before exploring any psychic gifts they think they may have. That’s because they are really clueless how the drugs are affecting their ability to receive clear information.


Checking out. If you really want to understand what I mean by checking out, just visit the U.S. Post Office. The people behind the counter are often there but not there, if you know what I mean. I feel for them. From an evolutionary perspective, strong, healthy grown men are meant to be warriors, hunters or farmers, not standing behind a counter handing out stamps.

The ultimate in checking out can be found in nursing homes. People are there but not there. The energy in the average nursing home is so low that you feel worn out just visiting for five minutes.


Sucking others. This can also be called vampire energy, although there’s nothing really evil about it. It’s when a person basically attaches themselves to another person’s energy field and mainlines their energy until the other person is sucked dry.

I remember once having lunch with a woman I would call a baby healer.

In other words, she was a Reiki practitioner, but she was clueless that she was clueless.

“I just put my hands on people and they get better,” she told me.

I thought, “Well that’s because you have zero form of energetic protection and you are just letting other people suck you dry. It will only be a matter of time before you get sick yourself.”

You can tell if you have been sucked dry if you go into a meeting feeling full of energy and you leave feeling like you need to be wiped off the floor.

This is a pretty common phenomenon.

You may pause to reflect on the fact that it wasn’t like you spent the previous hour digging ditches. You just sat there and someone sucked your energy dry.


Totally Congested. Years ago, I had a client who had fibromyalgia. Her energy field looked like the character Pig Pen from Peanuts. Her energy field was so dirty I often wondered how even non-psychic people couldn’t see or at least feel it. In other words, my client did not know how to keep her energy field clear. It was as though the pain she experienced was just a manifestation of all the energies she picked up and did not know how to clear.

One of the simplest ways to clear your energy field is by practicing qi gong, which I teach in my garden every Wednesday at 5:30.

Another good technique is to take a healing bath with equal parts Epsom salts and baking soda. This formula clears your energy field. You sit in the bath at least 20 minutes.

Another helpful thing to learn is yin-yang hands, which is a method of clearing energy. Sometimes if a client is going on and on about their physical or emotional pain, I will put one hand up and another hand down, asking God to rinse my energy. That way I can be fully present and listen but not take anything on.


Exploding. This is another form of control and usually is a short-lived experience. Sometimes people explode their energy outwards in an angry or hysterical manner in order to get what they want. It can be very uncomfortable to be around such individuals. They may try to take over not just one person but even an entire room.


Pushing. This is where a person pushes their energy onto others, even going so far as to take the place of another person, energetically speaking. It’s the feeling you get when it seems like someone is breathing down your neck even when they aren’t actually right beside you.


If you want to get better at reading what other people’s energy is actually doing, learn tai chi.


At first, you will have to learn the tai chi form.

Then it will become more and more about managing your own energy while you practice the form.

And then it will become about reading what other people are doing as they interact with you.


The great tai chi masters know how to root themselves and use the energy in a room so that not only can no one push them over, they can neutralize an attacker in less than a few seconds, no one getting hurt.


If you would like to see a good display of this, visit Rick Barrett’s Youtube site. If you visit this link,, you can watch Rick neutralize a huge guy with his hand on Rick’s throat.


You can watch other videos where Rick is standing on one leg while six huge guys try to push him over. It’s all about how well Rick manages his own energy. If it were a matter of pure force, pure weight, Rick could be pushed over in a heart beat. But he understands what his energy is doing and how to manage it probably better than anyone I have ever met.


If you feel anything less than energetic, radiant and joyful, one of the first questions to ask yourself is, “What is my energy doing?”