On Monday I had a profound experience of the Christ consciousness while giving a Reiki treatment.

This article is my humble attempt to describe what I felt and saw.

Monday morning, one of my regular clients texted me. I was driving back from visiting my mother in Savannah, Georgia, for the Easter holiday, so I asked my client to call so I didn’t have to fumble around with an illegal text while driving.

“My mother has been in the hospital since Thursday and I have been visiting her every day,” my client told me over the phone. “I feel really out of sorts. What do you think I should do?”

I tuned in for a moment, recommended that she increase a supplement she had been taking to boost her immune system (even begin in a hospital for 30 minutes will affect your own immunity) and then recommended she come in later that day for a Reiki treatment.

“You don’t need to process anything,” I advised my client. “You just need to come in, lie down and have me balance your energy.”

Upon arriving back to my home in Atlanta, I ran up and down the three flights of stairs in my home, unpacking my bags, unloading the dishwasher, throwing my dirty clothes in the washing machine and getting my nest back to its usual state of order and cleanliness.

I worked with two clients, one in person for yoga and another over the phone for a medical intuitive reading, and then had a short break before my client who was coming in for Reiki.

I was upstairs at my desk when I heard her walk in.

I was in such a hurry to get downstairs where I had already carefully prepared my healing table that somehow I stubbed my right big toe on the heavy wooden filing cabinet in my office.


My toe throbbed so badly I had to stop, sit down, remove my sandals and grab my big toe.

Suddenly I recalled the story of Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki.

After years praying and searching to understand how Jesus Christ healed people, Dr. Usui was about ready to give up when legend has it that he went to Mount Kurama for a 21-day fast.

On the way down the mountain, he stubbed his toe.

Upon putting his hands on his toe, he discovered Reiki by healing his own pain.

There I was, briefly delaying my client’s Reiki treatment by grabbing my own big toe.

I remembered that whenever we give Reiki we also receive healing energy because we are quite literally channeling the Christ consciousness.

Even though my right big toe hurt like crazy, I hobbled downstairs to greet my client, trusting that whatever pain I was personally experiencing would get taken care of in whatever way it needed through the Reiki treatment.

My client lay on the table where I had prepared a knee pillow and a neck pillow with her head facing my glorious spring garden so she could enjoy the birds and the flowers.

She lay on my table and relaxed while I began to say my prayers.

First, I cleared the energy in the room.

“Heavenly Father, I call on the forces of nature to converge to balance all detrimental energies and increase all beneficial energies in this healing space for the benefit of all living beings. I ask this be done in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen,” I prayed while walking around the room pointing to every corner to clear the space.

Then I used my fingers to draw the Reiki symbols in my hands.

I have a beautiful painting in my studio of the four major Reiki symbols, including the Reiki master symbol I use when I teach other healers how to use Reiki.

I looked at the painting as I drew the symbols in my hands while saying another prayer.

“I call on all my Reiki masters and all of my spiritual guides and all of (my client’s) Reiki masters and all of her spiritual guides. I ask that this Reiki healing energy flow through me at the highest rate that is beneficial to me and to (my client). I ask for immediate healing now for (my client) and for myself and for peace on earth and for everyone in our consciousness. I ask that this be done in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

I then turned my focus to my client lying on the table.

I swept her energy field from her feet to her head, gently sensing her energy.

Immediately I focused on her hara line, the vertical electrical current running from your feet through the core of your body all the way up to God.

Your hara line is your major electrical current. It feeds energy into your chakras, which in turn feed energy into your acupuncture meridians, which in turn feed energy into your internal organs. Ultimately your organs feed energy into your muscles.

I did a quick hara line healing. Your hara feels like a soft tube, kind of like a garden hose. It can experience blow outs.

I visualized her hara line and did a quick repair before receiving guidance that the main focus of the healing needed to be her brain, which required treatment of neurovascular holding points to balance her cranial system, as well as her Gate of Life, a major energy point between your kidneys.

I sat down on my orange Swiss ball – a comfortable thing to sit on because I actually move around quite a bit while practicing Reiki – and began the treatment.

Whenever I do hands-on healing, I use another mantra once I have said my prayers to clear the room and to call in the Reiki masters and all my spiritual guides.

This is one of my favorite healing mantras and allows me to clear my mind and totally focus:

“I invoke the light of the Christ within.

I am a clear and perfect channel.

Love and light are my guides.”

As I repeated this mantra over and over, I put my hands on my client.

Suddenly I saw inside myself a bright light flood my entire being.

I continued repeating the mantra and channeling Reiki energy to my client, who at this point had fallen deeply asleep in a profound state of relaxation.

“I invoke the light of the Christ within.

I am a clear and perfect channel.

Love and light are my guides.”

As I repeated the mantra, suddenly inside my heart I saw a vision of Mother Mary holding Jesus as a baby.

“I invoke the light of the Christ within.

I am a clear and perfect channel.

Love and light are my guides.”

Inside my heart I saw a second image, this one of an adult Christ holding up two fingers on his right hand. His left palm faced up resting by his side.

I knew I was seeing this image as a huge blessing to me and my client.

I continued repeating my mantra.

“I invoke the light of the Christ within.

I am a clear and perfect channel.

Love and light are my guides.”

As I repeated the mantra, suddenly I saw the golden halo around Christ’s head begin to expand.

The Christ consciousness, as we all know, is bigger than any one person.

The golden halo expanded beyond the picture of Christ inside my heart until the halo hovered over my head, then expanded to encompass my entire healing room.

Then the golden light expanded past the walls of my healing room until it surrounded my entire home.

I felt surrounded and protected by a loving, peaceful energy.

“I invoke the light of the Christ within.

I am a clear and perfect channel.

Love and light are my guides.”

I continued channeling Reiki for about an hour and a half. I balanced my client’s cranial system, infused energy into her second, third, fourth and fifth chakras and smoothed out the layers of her energy field.

When the healing was complete, I gently touched her on her shoulder and encouraged her to sit up.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“Better,” she replied.

I recommended my client go home and take an Epsom salt bath to continue her healing. This sounded very much like a great idea to her and she agreed to get into her bath as soon as she finished dinner.

I had completely forgotten about my own right big toe, which of course was no longer throbbing.

I always feel so blessed to be a Reiki channel, knowing and experiencing a deep state of inner peace whenever I practice this simple but profound method of energy healing.

What is healing? Healing happens whenever we practice Reiki.