The other day I led a healing that was so profound I almost wept.

I asked my client if he would be willing for me to share his story with you and he agreed.

We have been working together to improve his digestive system and address many other issues, all of which have been steadily improving, but his gallbladder function was stuck at a low level so we decided to do a healing specifically to improve his gallbladder.

Page One of my Healing Notes to Restore Gallbladder Function to Perfect Balance

Page One of my Healing Notes to Restore Gallbladder Function to Perfect Balance

We began innocently enough with the goal, “I restore my gallbladder to perfect balance in an easy, healthy way.”

As per usual, when I lead a healing, I take notes. In person, with my clients in Atlanta, I typically take notes on yellow pads that I hand to them on the way out the door. Over the phone, Skype or video conference, I take notes on my laptop that I then email them after our session is complete.

Once we set a goal, the next step is to discover the emotion that has caused the problem. The emotion that was causing his gallbladder to malfunction was wrath, and when I asked guidance who he was especially angry at, it was himself.

Afer that I find the age or ages at which the problem began. In my client’s case, the issue went all the way back to birth.

He had been unconsciously angry at himself for being born as a boy.

It is very common for little souls to get the message that somehow they have been born into the wrong body of the wrong sex.

Having worked with countless LGBT clients, I feel that this is a common struggle among gay people that makes it harder for them to accept themselves.

I remember working with a woman in her 50s who told me that even as a little girl she would pray every night to wake up as a boy. Even at her age, her struggle for self-acceptance manifested as severe depression and anxiety, feelings that she then projected out into the world leading to extreme loneliness and isolation.

However, this struggle with self-acceptance is of course not limited to LGBT people. Feeling either consciously or subconsciously like you should be the opposite sex is also a common struggle of heterosexuals.

We can all get the message from our parents and even grandparents that we were born “wrong” because they wanted a girl or a boy instead.

Page Two, Showing the Gallbladder Issues Continued at Age 3 with Feeling Like He Did Not Fit In

Page Two, Showing the Gallbladder Issues Continued at Age 3 with Feeling Like He Did Not Fit In

Once I have identified all the blocks behind a goal, I ask for guidance about what specific healing technique will clear the issue completely.

I have a huge menu of natural healing remedies addressing structure approaches, personal ecology, emotional clearing, flower essences, energy healing, spiritual/karmic resolution, negative spiritual energies, geopathic stress, parasites, crystals, beliefs, childhood beliefs and much more.

The truth is that anything can heal anything. Part of the joy of my job is allowing each soul to lead me to what he or she truly needs to experience wholeness.

In my client’s case, his soul asked for a Seven Generation Healing, an experience I have written about previously in this article. 

In a Seven Generation Healing you call on the souls of your ancestors for wisdom, guidance, and assistance to clear your issue.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“Walking. I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.” Linda Hogan

My guides told me that my client needed to ask his paternal ancestors what it means to be a man. This is what they told him.

What It Means to Be a Man, According to Seven Generations

What It Means to Be a Man, According to Seven Generations

What It Means to Be a Man

  • My client’s soul: Loving strength with compassionate action.
  • My client’s father’s soul: Being a caretaker and provider
  • My client’s grandfather: Being virile, full of life and filled with passion
  • My client’s great grandfather: Forming a union with your wife and doing your duty
  • My client’s great great grandfather: Keeping a manly demeanor showing your strength and power, doing your duty to God and community
  • My client’s great great great grandfather: Caring for my children, staying strong in the face of great loss. When my client heard the voice of this ancestor, he broke into tears. He felt a wave of grief as he experienced the sense of loss this man had gone through in his lifetime.
  • My client’s great great great great grandfather: Showing love through actions. Rising each day with the sun to greet God. Showing unwavering support for your wife and your children. Quiet strength.

By the time you get to your great great great great grandfather, you are speaking to the source of 1.56 percent of your DNA.

Asking for Help with Total Self Acceptance

Asking for Help with Total Self Acceptance

I then had my client speak to the soul of each ancestor to ask them for help with total self-acceptance.

Because we literally hold the DNA of our ancestors, when we reject who we really are, we quite literally dismiss all the unconditional love that has been passed down to us from generation to generation.

Here is what my client’s ancestors said when he asked them to help him accept himself more fully.

  • Great great great great grandfather: Showed my client an invisible golden crown on his head. “Remember it’s always there. You can touch the crown anytime you doubt yourself.”
  • Great great great grandfather: “My love has no bounds,” he said. This ancestor showed my client how his heart can literally burst with light.
  • Great great great grandfather: “You are powerful. Stand tall to remind yourself of your power. We’ve always been powerful. You and your father just forget.”
  • Great great grandfather: “Sex and passion are beautiful. It reminds you of the thrill of being alive and grounds you in the moment. Don’t be embarrassed or apologize for your passion. Stand in it and claim it.”
Last Page of Messages from my Client's Ancestors

Last Page of Messages from my Client’s Ancestors

  • Grandfather: “Be gentle with yourself and everyone around you. Power can be subtle and strength can be quiet. And people will know just by your presence that is what it means to be a man.”
  • Father: “Don’t doubt yourself. Trust you are on the right path. Learn from my mistakes. I was not strong enough to stand up to my mother and it’s haunted me my whole life. Stand up for what you believe.”
  • My client’s soul: “Quiet your mind and listen to God. You have so much assistance surrounding you. This is your strength, not a weakness. Channel and use all of it. Be the leader of your life and others will follow.”

When we fully accept who we are, we honor all the wisdom, strength and talent our ancestors have passed on to us.

Next time you doubt yourself, next time whether you wonder if there is any good in you or not, remember all the unconditional love that your ancestors have bequeathed you. It’s in your blood, it’s in your bones, it’s in your heart and it’s all around you even now, every day of your life.

Love yourself because you carry your ancestors’ love for you in every cell of your body.