As a medical intuitive healer, people are always asking me for help understanding their pain and suffering.
Many of my new clients have spent years trying various modalities in an earnest search for relief.

“Where did my pain begin?” they want to know.

It’s important to understand how your body works – not just your physical body but your entire self.

It’s a law of physics that any time there is a vertical electrical current there is a magnetic field perpendicular to that.

This magnetic field is called your energy field.

Your whole body is electrical – your heart can be measured in your EKG, your brain waves can be measured in your EEG.

You may not think of yourself as an electrical being but you emit energy all around you that can be sensed by others.

In a nutshell, all disease, all pain, all suffering originates in this energy field and comes in to your physical body.

By the time you feel discomfort, a disruption has been occurring in the flow of your personal chi for some time.

People who are extremely health and who have developed their chi through practices such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, healthy eating and adequate rest may have built an energy field that extends as far as 100 feet in diameter.

For most of us, our energy field is much smaller – more like 8 feet in diameter.

You can think of this energy field as existing in layers, even though in truth these laters interpenetrate one another.

Yogis, clairvoyants and other adepts have labeled these layers.

Beginning in the outer layer, your spiritual body or anandamayakohsa, literally translated as the body of bliss, controls your mind, or vijnanamayakoha. 

From a practical perspective, that means that when you experience pain, whether that be a physical ache or mental disturbance, the most powerful place to seek relief is at your soul level.

This is why practices such as prayer, meditation and forgiveness can have such a profound effect on the alleviation of our suffering on all levels.

Your mind, or vijanamayakosha, controls your emotions, also called your manamayakosha

That’s why when you change the stories you tell yourself, when you shift your inner dialogue from tales of sorrow and woe to insight and understanding, you feel emotionally calmer and discover peace within.

Your emotions, or manamayakosha, control your energy body, also known as your pranamayakosha. 

You may have observed that when you feel happy, you experince unlimited energy, and when you feel rattled, upset, insecure, angry or fearful, the energy you have to live your life feels sharply diminished.

Your energy body, or pranamayakosha, controls your physical body, also known as the annamaya kosha, which literally translates as the body of food.

When your energy runs smoothly you feel great physically.

Why It’s So Important To Understand Where Pain Begins

When you understand that disease begins in your energy field – literally out there in these layers – when you begin to feel unwell you can take advantage of self inquiry.

What’s going on spiritually?

What am I thinking?

What am I feeling?

How does my energy flow right now?

Is what I’m experiencing purely physical?

Even though it may appear to you that you just stubbed your toe, that you just went to the doctor and received an unexpected cancer diagnosis, that you ripped the tendons in your right shoulder or broke your leg in an accident, the truth is that somehow somewhere your energy field has been holding this issue for some time before it manifested.

When I read your body – not just the physical body, but also the energy body including your chakras, your acupuncture meridians and your breath, your emotions, your thought patterns and your soul – I may help you discover the reason for your pain.

As you understand where your pain begins, you can take appropriate measures to find true relief.

It’s my experience that until and unless you identify the true source of your pain and suffering, the energy of that discomfort will simply shift from one area to the next until and unless you address and resolve the actual issues.

As you find the courage in yourself to look at your whole being you can find true relief, finally and at long last.