I recommend that everybody who is serious about becoming a healer or medical intuitive learn and practice yoga, qi gong or tai chi.


There are many reasons that these forms of movement are important for everybody, and particular reasons why these forms are so especially important for healers.

For one, each of these forms of exercise open and balance your own energy system. They open and balance the chakras. They open and balance the acupuncture system. They open and balance the breath. If your chakras, acupuncture system or breath are blocked in any way, you will not be able to channel energy very well to benefit your clients. You also will not be able to access the full power of your psychic gifts, as each psychic gift is associated with a particular energy center.


You access your prophetic gift through energy centers above your head. You access psychic hearing through your fifth chakra and energy centers above your ears. You access psychic feeling through your third and fourth chakra. You access psychic vision through your sixth chakra.


By practicing yoga, tai chi and qi gong, you make it a regular habit of opening and balancing these energy centers in an easy, relaxed way. You can handle the depth of your psychic sensitivity while remaining calm, centered and poweful.


Lastly, healing work takes a tremendous amount of energy. You can become a Reiki master like me and learn to channel healing energy, but even if you are channeling healing energy, your own energy system must be open in order for that energy to be channelled easily in a healthy way.


The first thing I do if I am going to teach anybody Reiki is to teach that person how to open the energy centers in the palms of their hands. You would be surprised how many people who are even professional massage therapists have never learned how to open the healing energy in their own hands.


If you practice these forms of energy exercise, you will enjoy a tremendous amount of energy and you will not be drained by healing others.


Many people pick one form – say yoga, for instance, or qi gong or tai chi. That is a good place to start, but personally I practice all three forms because they each do specific things especially well. Yoga pulls your energy up, as in to the upper chakras. Qi gong helps you gather chi, which is really important for when we get tired sometimes. And tai chi helps to ground your energy, so that we can be invincible and invulnerable, standing our ground no matter what comes to us and able to draw energy from the earth as well as the heavens.


I practice tai chi usually at least once a week, qi gong at least once a week, and yoga at least three times a week, no matter what. Sometimes I do more.


I remember listening to an audio recording of a Dr. David Hawkins lecture. Dr. Hawkins, an enlightened person, said that you can read a person’s level of consciousness by the width of their aura.


Practicing these forms of energy exercise help to strengthen, balance and expand our energy field. This has the side effect of on the one hand making us more sensitive to the energies of everything around us but also keeping us more centered and balanced so that our nervous system can handle all that information.


I remember doing energy healing work one Sunday afternoon on a client who had just delivered her baby. She was terribly exhausted and in pain from the delivery.


“Wow, Catherine,” she said to me as I began to put my hands on her, “your energy is really incredible.”


“It should be,” I said, “I just did an hour and a half of tai chi.”