There are four primary psychic gifts:

The prophetic gift. I am a prophetic. Prophetics just know stuff.

The intuitive gift, which is psychic hearing.

Psychic vision.

Psychic feeling.

Just as you have eyes, a nose, ears and a mouth for ordinary senses, there are also centers in the energy body where you pick up information on the psychic level.


The center for psychic feeling is the solar plexus.


I have worked with many many feelers over the years who have terrible digestive problems.


As with all my clients, I begin by helping them sort out their nutrition, identifying and eliminating food sensitivities, parasites, h. pylori, bad bacteria, yeast overgrowth and sundry other actual medical problems.


I teach them how to eat real food, as many people’s idea of a good meal is something that comes out of a microwave (hint – if you microwave it, it’s no longer health supporting to your body).


I put many people on a gut healing program.


It frankly astounds me how many people seek me out for healing their gastrointestinal tract. I am quite good at it. Many people who have been sick for literally decades get turned around – in a very good way – by working with me.


Once we sort through all the medical issues, the dietary issues and heal the intestines, then it’s time to talk about another root cause of many digestive disorders.


If you are a feeler, often you may pick up other people’s energy and emotions.


I have had so many people who are actual attendees at Codependents Anonymous. They are trying very hard not to be codependent. They understand the psychological issues involved. And yet they are still doing it.


They are still doing it because even if they understand why it’s not a good idea to process other people’s feelings the processing is happening on a level they have not yet learned about.


I had one client tell me, “I have worked this issue so hard, it’s like I have swept that floor so many times it ought to be completely spotless.”


She had suffered diarrhea for literally 15 years. Two weeks with me, and it was gone.


When your main area for psychic reception is your solar plexus, your gastrointestinal system may become upset just from picking up other energies.


This area may become overactive, causing your physical gastrointestinal system to become overactive.


The solution is to learn how to handle your psychic gifts.


Many of my clients are much more psychically sensitive than they had heretofore recognized.


You can eat perfectly, take digestive enzymes, avoid all your known food allergens and still be sick to your guts if you don’t learn how to manage your psychic feeling.


Most feelers are very good people people.


They are kind. They are generally very in tune with what other people are literally feeling.


They may make great salesmen, as they intuitively know what other people are into and what they don’t feel so hot about.


If I put my hand on a hot stove, then I know that the stove is hot. My hand may feel hot, but the problem is not my hand.


The problem with being a feeler is that you may feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, you name it, and what you feel may have absolutely nothing to do with yourself.


You could have literally absorbed the energies and emotions of people nearby, even if they are not your boss, spouse, child or office mate.


It all feels so real because you may feel this very intensely.


Feelers need to learn which feelings are actually their own and which feelings belong to somebody else.


I try to explain this to them.


It sinks in after awhile.


If you have been trying to sort out your gastrointestinal problems, are eating well, not microwaving your food or consuming aspartame, then come and see me and we will talk.


You will need to learn how to handle your gifts better.


I am always saying that being psychic is like owning a Ferrari.


If you own a Ferrari, you better learn how to drive it or you can go really really fast at the tap of a pedal.


If you are in fact psychic, you can get into more spiritual/emotional trouble than you realize in a New York minute without even realizing it.


Of course, with the energy on the planet speeding up, a New York minute is even faster than it used to be.