I had lunch today with Leslie Kane, area rep for Designs for Health, one of the nutritional supplement companies whose products I carry.

Leslie and I discussed how different nutritionists have different protocols.

If you are reading this, if you look at your book shelf and are at all a health conscious person, more than likely you have several diet books on your shelf.

You may even know of more kinds of diets than you know varieties of religious experience.

When I have a new client in my practice, I always start with nutrition.


Leslie was saying that a lot of practitioners don’t work with nutrition, either because they don’t know about it or they don’t take the time.


I have a very integrated practice. In overview, I integrate fitness, nutrition and natural healing. I have a huge menu and I am intuitive and use my gifts to figure out exactly what will work for each unique client.


I always start with nutrition precisely because if I don’t change your body chemistry I can’t make a real, lasting change.


I can’t change your brain chemistry, for example, if I don’t change your nutrition.


You may be anxious, depressed, have a serious addiction, digestive problem, have a head injury or a brain injury. If you don’t get enough essential fatty acids to myelinate your neurons, you can just forget about making any meaningful change in your brain. If you don’t get enough amino acids, the building blocks of protein, you can also forget about it, and I am specifically talking to all the well-intended vegetarians. I am quite the animal lover myself, but I get enough fat and protein to make my brain work better than the average 20 year old.


I can’t help you overcome cancer or hepatitis if I don’t give your body what it needs to upregulate your own systems of detoxification.


Many people have tried some detox program they bought off the shelf at the health food store and ended up making themselves very very sick. That’s because they did not figure out which organ systems were working properly and which ones weren’t working.


Sure, you can always starve yourself if you want to lose weight but I am generally not in favor of stupid approaches to anything.


I am always about smarter, not harder.


If you are overweight and do not have an eating disorder it would be worth your time to examine which aspects of your metabolism were not working properly. You can get them working better with nutrition.


So you see where I am going.


I am a medical intuitive, but I am not interested in just telling people what is wrong with them.


I actually want to empower other people to achieve exceptional levels of health and happiness.


Once you change your body chemistry by improving your nutrition, then we can talk about energy healing, then we can make a difference with exercise of any kind, then all that praying and positive thinking you are trying to do will actually get you some place.


I want to make permanent, beneficial change, and that starts with nutrition.