There are two things I hear about in virtually 100 percent of my new clients.

No. 1, they want to have more energy. Whether they realize it or not, they are suffering from some degree of adrenal burnout. I have literally never had a single client who did not have some degree of adrenal stress when they first came to see me. And, No. 2, they want to look good, but they are suffering from old programming, which means, in their minds, in order to look good, they think they have to work out really really hard, starve themselves and above all suffer. Suffer when they exercise and suffer with their food. They actually believe that the more they suffer the better they are going to look.

And then they meet me. I don’t believe in suffering. I feel like most people already have plenty of pain and suffering in their lives. Why should I pile on?


I generally have pretty good energy. As of this writing, I am 53 years old.


I personally like to do things smarter, not harder. And that goes for everything. Exercise. Eating. Resting. Working. Making Money. Having fun. Helping people.


To me, the moment you add tension and stress to any process, no matter what that process is, the very second you are creating friction in your nervous system, setting yourself up for unconscious guilt because maybe you aren’t doing it well enough, literally causing your blood vessels to constrict and your blood to become sticky, raising your cholesterol and hardening your arteries, increasing inflammation thereby adding to your physical pain levels, decreasing your secretion of digestive enzymes thereby making it harder for you to digest your food, making your breathing more labored, raising your cortisol and your insulin levels causing you to gain fat around the midsection, suppressing your thyroid function, desynchronizing your brain hemispheres, making it hard for you to think straight and make a good decision.


I mean, really!


Go ahead and do things harder if you absolutely must. Knock yourself out. Then, when you are finished making your life more and more impossible, come to me and we will cut to the chase.


If you watch anybody who is really good at anything they make it all look like cake. The better they are at anything, the easier they make it all look.


I once had a client who was a chief financial officer of a large public corporation. He could add long columns of numbers together in his head – and get the number correct. He made it all look easy.


I have a friend who is a highly trained negotiator. He can get anybody to lower their price. And the person he is negotiating with doesn’t even flinch. They shake hands, end up even better friends. He makes it all look simple.


My accountant, Ruth Upchurch, can sort out all kinds of complications and she thinks it is actually fun. She doesn’t sweat it. She stays calm, keeps breathing. You know you are in good hands because all that tax information feels so comfortable when she is working with you.


So back to qi gong. The word qi means energy. Gong means work. Therefore, qi gong is energy work. It’s actual physical exercise.


If you actually watch people practicing qi gong, they look so relaxed. They don’t look like they are working all that hard. But just like the CFO, the negotiator and my tax accountant, that doesn’t mean people who practice qi gong aren’t doing something really really cool that you might want to learn how to do also.


I have made FREE videos of some of my qi gong exercises that you can watch on this blog. Just click on Videos at the top and follow the link to qi gong.


Only practice qi gong if:


*You want to heal your metabolism.

*You want to have plenty of energy.

*You want to age gracefully.

*You want to be more creative.

*You want to lower your stress hormones.

*You want to exercise in an easy, pain-free way.

*You want to get true aerobic exercise, bringing oxygen down to the cellular level.

*You want to balance your acupuncture system without having to pay a visit to the acupuncturist.

*You want to have better balance.

*You want to heal arthritis naturally.

*You want to connect to universal energy.

*You want to feel more empowered.

*You want to meditate without actually sitting with your eyes closed.

*You want to learn how to feel energy.

*You want to heal from mild to serious illness.

*You want to look great without killing yourself in the gym.

*You don’t want to spend money on fancy exercise gadgets that you will probably never end up using anyway.

*You want to open the healing centers in the palms of your hands.


I am always telling people about qi gong and encouraging people to try it. Not everybody gets it.


I have taught qi gong for years outside in my garden every Wednesday afternoon at 5:30. We gather around the blue jar fountain, which is currently surrounded with cherry blossom double begonias and euphorbia. Honestly, you won’t get a better view anywhere when you are exercising.