Reason I love what I do No. 152. I love being able to help people overcome things they never thought they could overcome.

Today, I saw a new client who has had colitis for seven years. Her doctors told her the best she could ever do was to “manage” her colitis.

Now, I want to say immediately that I don’t think doctors are evil or bad – not in the least. But doctors don’t do nutrition. And most doctors do not take the time to unwind a case as complicated as colitis can be.

One of my long-term clients had her large intestine completely removed when she was 16. I was the first person who could really help her. That individual is very brilliant, quite talented and gorgeous, but she had lost her hope in that particular area of her life. Then a mutual friend referred her to me.

My new client today came because she wanted to get rid of what she thought was a yeast infection. But digestive disorders are way more complex than that. You can have parasites, bad bacteria, food allergies or food sensitivities, digestive enzyme deficiency….and that is just for starters.

I have a system of working with people that takes them from where they are at to where they want to be.

I do a medical intuitive reading to find what is going on, and then I usually refer my client to a lab to back up what I have seen or found with left-brain paperwork that they can then share with their doctors for appropriate treatment.

Healing the gut is so important. It is the foundation of healing many, many illnesses that are thought to be unrelated. Over 90 percent of your serotonin is produced in your gastrointestinal tract, so as long as you have inflammation of your gut, you can not have good brain chemistry.

So digestive disorders affect your mood.

Your immune system starts in your gut, so if you have inflammation in your GI tract, you will be prone to many illnesses.

And as long as you have inflammation in your gut, you are going to be prone to having arthritis and pain in your joints. Just about any pain anywhere in the body can be reduced or totally eliminated as long as you eliminate the inflammation in your GI tract.

And because your digestive organs are directly next to your sex organs, you will be more prone not only to PMS if you are inflamed but also to all sorts of female issues, including infertility, ovarian and uterine disorders, and the like.

When you have inflammation in your gut, your body secretes the stress hormone cortisol. You could be living on the beach in Hawaii, $1 million in the bank with your favorite hottie, and as long as you have gut inflammation, your stress hormones will be out of balance.

And then there is the C word. Inflammation is a primary risk factor for cancer. Heal your gut, get rid of your inflammation and you will reduce your risk factors. You really don’t want to walk through that door.

It is really worth taking the time to heal your gut.

The first step is to remove all the offending pathogens. Then you have to rebuild your mucosal barrier.

Healing your gut will have a long-term beneficial effect on literally every organ in your body.

Photo: Field of wildflowers in Fairfield, Virginia, where I went this past weekend to study and practice natural vision improvement exercises.