One of the things I like best about yoga practice is that it’s exactly that – not theory, not a performance. It’s a practice.

Yoga is not theory because no matter how many yoga books you read or how deep you get into yoga philosophy, at the end of the day it’s still something you have to do in order to get benefit from it.

You can’t just read about it – you actually have to do yoga to reap the rewards.

That means that you get to be constantly on the receiving end, even as a teacher or a long time practitioner.

We get the gift of constantly being humbled by the endless challenges of staying strong and flexible.

Get good at a pose – well, you have to stay good at a pose.

You can be amazing in one posture and still there is some other one that really challenges you.

This quality allows us to maintain our beginner’s mind, which keeps us in a state of humility and amazement and awe.

Along the way, we maintain our mental and physical health and get to look younger than all our friends who don’t practice yoga.