This past Sunday, my mother, Jane Espy, and my stepfather, Carl Espy III, placed the flowers on the altar of Christ Church Savannah in honor of their children, Catherine Carrigan, Dr. Richard Schulze Jr., Carl Espy IV, Al Espy and Courtenay Espy.

Whether you recognize it or not, whether you never become world famous, make it in Hollywood or ever have more than two nickels to rub together, you are already a V.I.P. – a vibrational interference pattern.

Whew! The pressure is off. You are already very special.

Other people may already recognize this fact. It’s up to you now to comprehend what I am saying.

That means you yourself, in and of yourself, have a unique energy frequency.

Other people may look like you, be related to you. Your brothers and sisters carry 50 percent of your same DNA. You carry 50 percent of the DNA from your mother and father. You carry 25 percent of the DNA of your grandparents. But they are not you.

The truth is, even when people are your brothers and sisters, grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces or nephews, there will never ever be anybody quite like you ever again in the whole wide world.

When you study holistic alternative medicine, what you will discover is that herbs, supplements, drugs, foods and all forms of natural healing remedies have a unique frequency.

The research shows you can either give a person the substance they need – be it a pharmaceutical drug, a supplement, a homeopathic remedy, a flower essence or what have you – OR you can give the person that very same unique frequency.

Either one will work.

When you understand this concept, then you recognize that you yourself are a V.I.P. and that your gift to the world is your unique frequency.

Even if other people are somewhat or even very similar to you, you alone are here to offer something special to the world.

What you are here to say can only be said by you.

Only you can love others in the way that you do.

No one else can sing the way you sing or speak the way you speak – you even have a unique voice print based on your vocal cavity and the way you move your mouth when you express yourself.

If a client comes to me, then I recognize that there is some unique alchemical combination that is supposed to happen through our mutual interaction.

Even if 100 other healers, coaches, doctors, therapists, nutritionists, body workers, yoga teachers, qi gong teachers, physical therapists, physical fitness trainers, authors, naturopaths, flower essence practitioners, energy workers, Reiki masters or medical intuitives tried to say the same thing, for whatever reason, I figure that God sent you to me and that you need to hear the truth that I alone can express in a way that might actually get through to you.

Just as I recognize that a person may need my unique frequency, it is important for you to recognize that more than likely the sweetness of who you are is exactly what your mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, daughters, sons, coworkers, bosses and clients, readers, listeners and neighbors need in this moment, this week, this year and this lifetime.

The world needs YOU.

Last week, I was doing a healing with a client who is currently suffering from two types of cancer.

As we were discussing one of the cancers, follicular lymphoma, she informed me that this kind of cancer is – in her words – “incurable.”

I corrected her by pointing out that in the medical literature virtually every illness known to man has at one time or the other been actually healed.

Maybe the statistics are only 1 out of 1,000, so why not decide to be that 1 out of 1,000 who actually beats it?

When I did a healing to search for the root causes of the follicular lymphoma, what I found was that the core issue for my client was low self esteem. Somehow she had bought into the idea that because for many years she had “just” been a stay at home mother, she did not have much worth.

I pointed out to her that our culture tends to reward male activities, specifically producing money, at the expense of valuing the contributions of the feminine, which is nurturing and enhancing the lives of others.

I don’t earn a dime when I water my orchids, feed the birds in my garden or tend my organic vegetables, but I am definitely contributing. I contribute beauty, I contribute nutrition at a time when the birds of winter may have less opportunities for feeding and I provide a chemical-free environment that provides a safe space for the birds, butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.

If you have lost your sense of self importance, just remember what I am saying today: nobody else has your unique vibration.

Spend time alone to recall the fact that you are already a V.I.P. and recognize the sweetness you bring to the lives of others.

What is healing?

Healing happens when we recognize what vibrations we are missing in our lives and balance ourselves by finding the exact frequency that we need – whether that energy be a hug from a loved one, a food, a supplement, a day of rest in the sunshine, a good laugh, an afternoon in the garden or the company of our family.

Own the fact that you are already a V.I.P. and shine that light out far and wide.