One of the downsides of the self improvement industry – whether it be coaching, weight loss, image consulting or any other business that strives to make you better – is that it preys on the common human fear that you may not be good enough.

When was the last time you felt tall enough, rich enough, good looking enough, successful enough, sexy enough, enlightened enough, well-read enough, fit enough, thin enough, stylish enough? 

I did yet another healing today to clear the belief, “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH.” 

I feel that most people could benefit from a healing to clear the core belief that you aren’t good enough.

Unless and until you clear this belief, you can become taller, richer, better looking, even more successful, wiser, better educated, more fit, slimmer and with a better wardrobe and deep down you will still feel you are not quite there yet, quietly inadequate.

The unsettling feeling that you may not be good enough keeps people over striving and ultimately exhausted, as the goal of reaching some imaginary sublime state feels perpetually out of reach.

How do we get out of this trap?

Here’s the way I like to explain it:

If you understand energy, every thing and every body is a specific vibration.

Rocks, stars, plants, animals, water, dust – we are all different kinds of vibrations. 

In holistic alternative medicine, there are all sorts of energy remedies that involve giving a person the specific vibration they need in any given moment in order to achieve balance. 

You are a specific vibration.

You are meant to be YOU – not anybody else. 

The world needs your specific vibration. 

How do I KNOW for a fact that the world needs your specific vibration? Because you wouldn’t even be around at this point in the evolution of the universe if you weren’t part of something big and important, whether you recognize it or not. 

That’s because nothing in the universe is wasted. 

Energetically the universe is very, very efficient. 

Once you get that you are here to be you, and that the world needs your specific vibration, then the pressure is off. You don’t have to be different – you just have to be yourself. 

If you yell, then the world needs your yelling. If you tread softly, the world needs your gentleness.

You don’t need to be taller, richer, better looking, more successful, sexier, more spiritual, having plowed through more heavy books after exhausting yourself with the latest exercise fad so you can squeeze yourself into the latest styles.

All you really have to do is be YOU.

You can be the best you that you can be, but that doesn’t involve being other people’s projected version of who they think you should be, it means listening deeply to your very own soul, listening to your own guidance and following your inner direction.

If that directions leads you to be taller, richer, better looking, more successful, sexier, more spiritual, better read, more fit or more up to date in your wardrobe, great. That may or may not be part of your journey and it may or may not have anything at all to do with what your soul is actually here to accomplish.

Don’t try to be anybody else’s interpretation, be you. 

Give yourself permission to be your authentic self at all times and in all places.

Drop the drama of struggling to be better and see what happens when you practice radical self acceptance. 

What is healing? Healing happens when we love ourselves unconditionally.