“Everything you need you already have. You are complete right now, you are a whole, total person, not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else.”

– Wayne Dyer


When we begin on a journey of natural healing, using the best of holistic alternative medicine, one of the first steps we need to take is to recognize our wholeness.


When you recognize that no matter what is going on with your mind or body that deep down you are whole and complete exactly as you are, you can begin to deal effectively with whatever life presents to you.


Many people who get sick start by visiting their medical doctor. The doctor does a physical examination and runs lab tests and then gives you a diagnosis.


“You have cancer,” you hear, or, “You have heart disease.”

“You are a manic depressive,” you could possibly receive.

“You are obsessive compulsive. You are ADD. You are a schizophrenic. You are going blind. You are paralyzed.”

These are just a few of the very tough things you may possibly hear.


Now I want to add that the medical doctors, in my opinion, are not bad, evil or incompetent – they are doing their job and they are performing a very valuable service. It’s important to them to offer a diagnosis so they know where to begin with a treatment plan.


But it’s crucial for you to consider how you receive whatever diagnosis the doctors give you.


All the diagnoses begin with “You” and include the verb “have” or “are.”


You are told that you have something that you probably don’t want – I mean, let’s face it – who wants to be told that they “have” cancer or “have” heart disease – after all, it’s not the first thing you order when you visit your neighborhood deli for lunch and would probably not fit into your busy schedule if you could avoid having to deal with it.


Or you are told that you “are” something that the rest of the world has decided is bad, undesirable, maybe not exactly evil but slightly defective making you possibly less lovable in the eyes of others.


It’s not like being told you “have” a great job, a beautiful home, a sexy body or that you “are” successful, beautiful, brilliant and amazing.


In kinesiology, there is a syndrome called “buy in.”


When we buy in to a concept, that means we have accepted that things are a certain way, and at a cellular level we begin to live out and express that reality.


So if you “buy in” to the idea that you “have” an illness, you create that illness and you can even keep on recreating it until and unless you stop believing that you “have” that illness.


If you “buy in” to the idea that you “are” crazy or “are” mentally ill or “are” depressed, anxious or unwell, then you will continue to live out that story on every level of your being until you change your story.


How do we stop “buying in” to the idea that we “have” a problem or that we “are” broken in some way and still take the appropriate actions to move forward with our health?


One of the things that I do in my healing practice is to help my clients reframe their situation. I literally do a healing so that you stop believing that you “have” a problem or that you “are” damaged.



Part of what will help you is to recognize the way that holistic alternative medicine sees illness.


Dis-ease begins in your energy body and comes through the layers into your physical body.


That means that energetic imbalances in the spiritual body may manifest in the physical. Your thoughts can manifest, your emotions can manifest.


To heal, we simply push out these imbalances through not just the physical body but also the energetic body, our emotions, our thoughts and believes and finally through our soul.


If I am doing a medical intuitive reading, I simply look at organs or organ systems and discover the level of their functioning. If something is under functioning, then I ask what is needed to restore the organ or system to a higher level.


I recommend that you use an affirmation. It could start with:





Ask yourself if you are “buying in” to the idea that you “have” a problem or that you “are” damaged.


As you reconnect to your wholeness, you will find the energy and will power to do whatever it takes to be happy and healthy.