In his book, Messages From Water, Masaru Emoto published photographs that show how simply putting a word on a bottle of water changed the crystalline structure at a molecular level.

Given that visual proof, how can you doubt that your body expresses your self talk?

I remember years ago listening to a lecture by Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion.

“If you want to know what’s going on in your subconscious,” said the neuroscientist, “just look at your body.”


Candace Pert’s body at the time was large and block-like. She was unashamed and spoke strictly scientifically. She wore a caftan-like outfit and baggy pants.

She said that she spoke to three kinds of audiences – spiritual people, medical people and fitness people.

Of those three groups, she said, the ones who comprehended her message most completely were the fitness people. She said the fitness people were actually the most evolved of the three groups she ever spoke to.


Although I heard her speak probably 20 years ago now, I remember exactly what she said. Her words had huge impact for me. Candace is the co-discoverer of endorphins and an expert on the way emotions affect the body.


If you looked in the mirror objectively, what would your body say?


Would it say, “I feel young at heart and happy” or “I have had a hard two and a half years – I am still processing all my stress and grief.”


I see the physical body as simply the densest aspect of our being.


The physical body is controlled by our energy body.


Our energy body is controlled by our emotions.


Our emotions are controlled by our mind.


Our soul controls our mind.


You may do well to re-read what I just wrote.


So, if you look in the mirror and don’t like what it is that you are seeing, ask yourself what it is that you happen to be saying to yourself.


I remember years ago being very very sick. I decided to experiment with this positive self talk idea.


“I am radiantly healthy,” I would say to myself while coughing.


Today, if you looked at me, you might probably agree that I look like I feel radiantly healthy.


If there is some part of your body you don’t like – say your stomach, or your buttocks or your thighs – notice what it is that you say about these parts. Reframe how you communicate and notice what happens.

“I radiate love and light.”


“I am the perfect size for me.”


“I feel comfortable with myself inside and out.”


“My physical body reflects the perfect balance of my soul.”


Many people who have discovered the secret understand that true beauty comes from within.