Many people believe that they are not intuitive, that they don’t have any psychic gifts at all and that that the woo-woo stuff is for somebody else much weirder than you are.

Personally, I don’t believe that is the case.

From having worked with all kinds of people over the years, I believe you are intuitive even if you haven’t recognized yet just how exactly you receive your information.

You have intuitive gifts because you have a soul.

I believe you always have access to your intuitive gifts if you just stop long enough to pay attention.

You can be trained to learn how to operate these gifts and use them for your own benefit as well as possibly blessing the lives of others.

Your claircognizance, knowing without prior evidence, is your soul’s way of knowing the world.

You clairaudience, hearing without sound, is your soul’s way of deep listening.

Your clairsentience, feeling the energy and emotions around you, is your soul’s way of picking up the vibe.

Your clairvoyance, seeing what’s not visible to your naked eye, is your soul’s map of the universe.

Even if you never learn about any of these gifts, you can get in touch with your intuition by paying attention to your soul longing.

Here’s a simple exercise.

Get out a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil.

Write down three questions at the top of the piece of paper:

  1. What does my soul long for me to do today?
  2. What does my soul long for me to have this week?
  3. What does my soul long for me to be this year?

Ideally you want to write this by hand as opposed to using a computer so that there is no electronic interference. But if you only have your tablet, smart phone, lap top or desk top, those will do.

Give yourself no more than five minutes and write as quickly as you can.

Don’t censor yourself.

Just write what comes to you.

When you answer the question what your soul longs to do today:

  • You get in touch with the activities that will bring you the greatest joy
  • You discover how you can take steps towards your life purpose
  • You get in alignment with your spiritual direction.

When you answer the question what your soul longs to have this week:

  • You know the materials and resources you need to be happiest
  • You discover the tools necessary to serve at the highest level
  • You make it easier to flow with what’s coming up for you because you are prepared.

When you answer the question what your soul longs to be this year:

  • You can feel, visualize, hear and know how you can express your highest potential
  • You direct yourself to be the best you can be
  • You embody your soul’s expression.

You can get in touch with your intuition simply by asking yourself what your soul longs for you to do, be and have – that’s it! No woo woo instruction required!

As you complete this exercise, you may surprise yourself.

Earlier this year, I heard loud and clear this year, “It’s time for a change.”

Even though I have been incredibly happy in Atlanta, living and working in my house on Northside Drive with the all-organic garden and my studio filled with orchids, I listened.

My fiancé Ken Holmes and I went to Trinity, Florida, because my guidance told me it was important to go down precisely that weekend.

When we arrived, we looked at a house on a Saturday that had only gone on the market the day before.

Ken’s best friend who came with us announced it was the prettiest house he had seen in the whole neighborhood.

The next day, we all went to look again. Another couple was scheduled to come and look directly after us.

“If you don’t make an offer in 30 minutes,” Ken’s best friend advised him, “the house will be gone.”

Ken and I quickly made an offer.

We now own the house, and indeed, the more we drive around and look, the more we spend time on our new porch in the early hours of the morning and in the evening as the sun is setting, the more blessed we feel.

You can surprise yourself but give yourself permission to move forward in your life.

Ask your soul what you need to do, have and be!

In this simple way, you may uncover great intuition about yourself because your soul is always directing you forward and onwards into the light of happiness.