It is a great idea to find a yoga teacher you enjoy studying with. That way you can continue to grow.

Many of my students have been studying with me literally the entire time I have been teaching yoga. We get to grow together, both as students and myself as a teacher and all of us as practitioners.

Eventually, as you go to yoga classes, you will want to develop a personal practice.

Practicing yoga on your own will bless you in a hundred more ways.

While we benefit from being in the group energy in a class, and get to experience feeling one mind when we meditate, on your own you get to face yourself in all your faults and glory.

Discipline is not a bad word.

When you can maintain your own personal practice – even a day or two a week – you know you can sit with yourself through all the feelings you experience and you become strong enough to handle whatever life throws out at you.

One of the reasons many people become addicts to anything – drugs, food or overworking – is that they are not able to handle their own feelings.

When we practice yoga on our own, without a teacher, completely on our own time, developing the discipline to show up to face ourselves, we deepen our relationship with ourselves and we become unstoppable.

Grounded in our bodies, at peace with every part of who we really are, we can face the world and everyone in it with grace and strength and ease.