Whether your primary psychic gift is clairsentience, claircognizance, clairvoyance or clairaudience, you will want to use these gifts for yourself.

Why is it so important that you use your non ordinary senses of feeling, knowing, seeing and hearing for yourself?

  1. These gifts are your soul trying to communicate with you. Today, I had tea with a highly sensitive person.  She told me she would see colors and pick up feelings when she worked with people. Her friends had advised her to shut down this information. “No,” I said. “The people who are advising actually don’t know the truth. This is your soul trying to communicate with you. If you try to shut off the messages of your soul, the pressure will only build up, you will feel even more uncomfortable and your soul will simply try to get through to you in multiple other ways.” We have to recognize that our soul is actually in charge – not our ego, not our intellect. Your soul has an important mission and will speak loudly if you are going off course. I always say, “When you are paying attention God only has to tap you on the shoulder.” Why wait for the sledge hammer approach?
  2. If you use your intuitive gifts primarily for other people and not for yourself, you can develop a serious energy imbalance. Frankly, it is helpful for intuitive people to have friends who have learned how to manage their psychic gifts successfully. I say if you own a Ferrari – a very fast vehicle – you better learn how to drive it or you can get in trouble in a hurry. If you are a highly sensitive person, find other highly sensitive people who have become strong enough to handle their sensitivity. You probably don’t want to feel crazy most of the time, I would assume, no? So here’s the truth. When other people discover that you are psychic, they will sometimes treat you like a psychic Pez dispenser. I kid you not, I had one person phone me in the middle of the night from Saudi Arabia. Because I was asleep and assumed it must be an emergency for someone to call at that hour, I stupidly answered the phone. When I explained the time, that did not stop the lady from demanding instant information. Fortunately I have good enough personal boundaries that I refused. This is one way we can be drained, but here is another. If you use your gifts for others and not for yourself, you will end up feeling exhausted and not be able to put your finger on why you are so tired. Putting it positively, when you listen to your soul and follow your own guidance, you will fill yourself up energetically. Feeling drained is a very good sign that you are not listening and have gotten off course. I can tell you from personal experience that you must use your gifts primarily for yourself – more for yourself even than for others – or you will end up being very drained and no amount of nutritional supplements, Reiki, qi gong, meditation, prayer, vacation or other therapies will fix the problem.
  3. Your soul can feel, know, see and hear far beyond the capacity of your fingers, your brain, your eyes and your ears. This is high quality information. Because 96 percent of the known universe can not be measured or quantified in any way, you will want to dive into this qualitative, subtle, insubstantial, mysterious and often initially unsubstantiated guidance and at the very least get very curious about it. Why did you just get told to take a left and not a right? Why did you hear you were supposed to stay home and not get on that plane? Why did you get the hint that you are better off going out on a limb, moving to another state, taking another job or doing something entirely different? Maybe you aren’t totally crazy, maybe there are huge opportunities for you if you take advantage of them.

As a medical intuitive healer, I use my gifts in my work all day long. But I also use them to know when to go to the store to find the right shoes on sale, when to stop what I am doing even if I have been wildly successful up to that point, when to buy a house, who to hire, when to move on and more.

You can become more proficient in building this open soul communication if you start with yourself first. Then, as you build your confidence, take your gifts into your work and discover a whole new level of mastery.