If you’ve ever been plagued with toenail fungus or athlete’s foot, you know how challenging it can be to get rid of.

Toenail fungus is called onychomycosis (on-ih-koh-my-KOH-sis) and tinea unguium.

When this fungus spreads between your toes to the skin of your feet you get athlete’s foot, also known as tinea pedis.

The medication commonly prescribed for these ailments, Lamisil (also known as Terbinafine), has multiple side effects:

  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Rash, itching, or hives
  • Changes in taste or loss of taste
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Depression or changes in mood
  • Chest pain or irregular heartbeat
  • Vomiting
  • Fever, sore throat, or other signs of infection
  • Severe skin rash that worsens
  • Some people who took Lamisil developed severe liver damage that led to liver transplant or death.

The fungus that causes onychomycosis is found in the atmosphere and is very difficult to control. 

Toenail fungus and athlete’s foot is an occupational hazard of those of us who work in bare feet.

I teach yoga classes here in Atlanta an average of five times per week and teach qi gong once a week so taking care of my feet is part of my job.

Here are 8 natural healing remedies you can use instead of medication:

  1. Wash your feet thoroughly with a scrubber using antibacterial soap. Many people shower or bathe regularly but forget to wash their feet. You could use a scrubber such as this one to brush the skin of your feet, between your toes and your nail bed and an antibacterial foot wash such as this one.
  2. Wear antibacterial socks and change them regularly. When you work out, consider copper antibacterial athletic socks such as these. For everyday wear, consider bamboo socks such as these. If you notice that your feet feel wet or you have been sweating, be sure to change your socks. You may need to change your socks several times a day if this is the case.  Do not work out in wet shoes. If your shoes get wet and sweaty you may need to throw them away. Wear flip flops in public areas such as showers and swimming pools.
  3. Avoid conventional pedicures and consider a waterless pedicure instead. Unless a spa sterilizes all their equipment, a spa can spread the fungus that causes toenail and foot problems. In Atlanta, I get regular waterless pedicures from Penny who now has her own shop near Perimeter Mall. You can make an appointment with Penny Williams by calling 404-791-0739‬. Waterless pedicures are highly recommended for anyone with toenail fungus or athlete’s foot.
  4. Put Manuka Oil on your toenails twice a day. Manuka Oil is antibacterial and anti fungal and more potent than Tea Tree Oil. Put a clean cotton swab in the bottle of Manuka Oil and then spread carefully across your toes and the infected area.
  5. Consider the homeopathic remedy Rhus Tox. Rhus Tox is recommended for humidity in the skin, redness, swelling, itching and other conditions.
  6. Most nail polishes can keep fungus trapped under the surface so if you’re battling a severe condition you may do best to avoid them. If you can’t bear the thought of naked toes consider Fiore RX, an anti fungal nail polish.
  7. You may also want to consider a course of laser treatments. In Atlanta I work with Keyla at Skin Matters Med Spa. Her laser treatments are less than half the cost of treatments I had at a doctor’s office and she spends twice as much time thoroughly working your feet. You can make an appointment with Keyla by calling 404-228-7080‬. At a doctor’s office a course of laser treatment may cost between $750 to $1500.
  8. Spray your feet with Vital Oxide. This strategy was recommended to me by Keyla at Skin Matters Med Spa. Keyla recommended this spray to her mother in another state who discovered her own athlete’s foot going away after spraying regularly with this treatment. Vital Oxide is hypo allergenic, gets rid of 99.99 percent of viruses and according to the website Vital Oxide also disinfects hepatitis and is effective against mold and mildew, H1N1, norovirus, HIV, legionella, MRSA as well as psedomonas aeruginosa. I spray my feet with Vital Oxide at the beginning of my shower. You can use Vital Oxide to clean your yoga mat and is more likely to do a better job than yoga mat sprays containing just essential oils. You can also spray your sneakers with Vital Oxide after you have sweated in them.

These natural healing remedies for toenail fungus and athlete’s foot are far less expensive than prescription medication and may prove effective over time if you are diligent.

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