You can talk to your angels any time anywhere using this simple communication method.

Step One. First, clear your energy. Rub your hands together to gather energy. Pass your hands over your head three times. As I do this, I say silently to myself, “I clear my energy in God the father, Jesus the son and through the Holy Ghost.” I grew up in the Christian tradition. If these words do not feel comfortable for you, call on your Highest Source to remove all negative interference.

Step Two. Calibrate your response. Stand in the middle of a room. Say either silently or out loud, “Angel spirit guides, please show me a yes.” Notice what happens. You may sway slightly forward, or either to one side or the other, as in right to the left. It doesn’t really matter. You calibrate your response so that you get a clear understanding of yes. Then say, “Angel spirit guides, please show me a no.” You may sway slightly back, or to the other side. If you are unsure of your response, keep clearing your energy until your yes and no is crystal clear to you.

Step Three. Ask permission. Your angels and spiritual guides are here to be your team on your side in this lifetime. You will want to focus your questions on what you are here to do, be or have. With this step, ask permission to begin a dialogue on a certain subject. “Angel spirit guides, do I have permission at this time to talk to you about (THE SUBJECT).” If you receive a no, it’s not the time, place or subject you need to be focusing on right now.

Step Four. Ask. Once you receive a positive response that your questions are all in divine timing, you can begin. This point is like getting online on the internet. You are now online with your angels and spiritual guides. Ask questions for your highest best interests and/or for the highest good of all. Do not ask, “Can I eat a hot fudge sundae?” That would be an entirely different question than, “Is it in my highest best interests to eat a hot fudge sundae at this time?”

Step Five. Continue asking questions in a yes or no manner. This is angel communication 101 as you are asking simple yes and no questions. One question may lead to another. When you feel complete, ask, “Is there anything else I need to know from you at this time?” If you receive a no, your download is complete. If you receive a yes, then continue asking questions as there is more to be revealed to you.

Your angels and spiritual guides are high vibration beings who already know your answers.

You can trust them to lead you to your highest good.

Recently, a good friend of mine was on a trip to Colorado. She drove all the way there with a group of friends before realizing that somehow she had left her driver’s license back in Atlanta.

When she got to Colorado, she initially began to panic when she realized her mistake as she was scheduled to take a plane back home and had no form of personal identification other than her credit cards.

I had taught her how to talk to her angels so in the middle of the night she got up and asked for guidance.

She was told to go ahead to the airport, that everything would work out and that she would be able to return home on the plane as scheduled.

And so it was!

You are always guided and protected, loved unconditionally and never alone.

I have taught countless clients how to communicate with their angels.

Whenever I find someone who is feeling alone, abandoned, neglected or depressed, I like to teach them this simple technique.

Once you talk to your angels you will never feel truly alone ever again in this lifetime.