There are many benefits to being intuitive, one of which has to do with knowing when and were to go to the garden store.

Shopping! Now there is a very practical place to apply your intuitive gifts!

On Easter Sunday, my partner Ken Holmes and I went to lunch. As we were done, I asked him, “Would you mind stopping by Pike’s on the way home?”

We drove over to the Pike’s Nursery on Lindberg and lo and behold, at long last, there were my cherry blossom double begonias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year, I drove all over Atlanta trying to find double begonias. I called all the ACE Hardware stores. I pouted. I begged people to order them for me.

No luck!

Then as luck would have it I had lunch with a friend who is also a member of the Primrose Garden Club.

I don’t usually suffer too much from envy, but all of a sudden as we were walking through her garden, there they were – MY double begonias in HER garden!

She had been lucky enough to find them at the Pike’s on Lindberg last year.

I had missed my chance completely!

I didn’t say anything to her about my overwhelming begonia envy and did my best to admire the rest of her garden, which was a magnificent achievement of many decades standing.

So this Easter, when I went to Pike’s on Lindberg at the prompting of my intuition, I walked into the garden center and there they were!!!!

Instantly I saw them. The garden assistant said, “I just put them out.”

I felt very blessed – so blessed that I at first grabbed two flats before deciding I was just being too greedy. There were maybe only two flats total, so I put one back, gleeful that at last I had my cherry blossom double begonias.

Gardening is not like interior decorating.

You can love something like crazy one year but not be able to find it anywhere the following year.

You just have to go with the luck of the season.

About two weeks prior, I had been over at the ACE Hardware on Howell Mill Road and found Diamond Frost Euphorbia.

Euphorbia looks exactly like it sounds – an ecstatic experience of plant life, white sparkly flowers floating over this airy spindly green mass.

In years past, I have combined double begonias and euphorbia around the blue jar fountain outside my studio. They have been so happy in my garden that they typically grow almost waist high. You would hardly find any double begonias or euphorbia in textbooks that look so healthy.

This is where I have photographed actual angels. Angels are no fools, and if they have a choice, of course they are naturally going to want to hang around a garden with cherry blossom double begonias and euphorbia!

Coming home from Pike’s, I spent the afternoon removing my pansies and the left over daffodil leaves and planting my begonias and euphorbia.

The task completed, I looked upon my work with true happiness.

In natural healing, there is something called your cantillation.

Your cantillation is any activity that raises your vibration so high that illness, suffering and dis-ease can no longer exist. You raise your vibration so high that just being in that happy place solves all your problems.

Looking upon my blue jar fountain surrounded by double begonias and euphorbia, overlooking my two bird feeders and the trees across the street, my spirit is instantly lifted. I can be working very hard with my clients and just look out the window to my studio and feel so so happy!

What is healing? Healing happens when we follow our joy, lifting our spirits so high that illness, disease and unhappiness naturally take their leave.