Many people have asked to hear my recent interview with with Rama Jon Cogan, Manager of the Publish Now Program at the Author University with

Rama is the author of Sedona Mountain Biking: The Rise of the Gnarly Crew. You can order Rama’s new book at Mountain Bike Heaven.

In his weekly program, Rama on Writing, he interviews successful authors about their top tips.

Rama interviewed me about my recent Amazon No. 1 best seller, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness.

You can now watch and listen to Rama’s program at this link on my website: Media Events for Catherine.

Some of my top tips:

  1. Allow yourself to be a beginner.
  2. Keep your chi flowing.
  3. Clear your emotions as they arise.
  4. Follow the wisdom of experience.
  5. Put your whole heart into each phase of the process.
  6. Acknowledge your weaknesses.
  7. Coordinate social media.
  8. Understand your own creative process.
  9. Give the world your vision.
  10. Set yourself up so that you can write about what you are passionate about the rest of your life.

I had a lot of other writers contact me after my interview who said that my insights really helped them develop new strength for their own process.

Thank you for reading What Is Healing? I appreciate your support.