There is not a single one among us who, by now, at this stage of the game, has not had a bad day.


Your car gets stolen. You get stuck in traffic for two hours on the interstate. Your boss calls you into a meeting and you learn that you, too, are on the chopping block for getting laid off. You go to the doctor and hear a diagnosis that wasn’t on your list of life plans. Your spouse asks for a divorce. Your dog dies.


The list goes on, in varying degrees of intensity.


It is only normal and natural that at these times our emotions come up. The fear. The anger. The regret. The blame. The shame. The sense of failure.


What drives this plethora of unending emotions is the belief behind the feelings that all is not O.K., that somehow these events are not for your highest good.


When we think that something is not for our highest good, our ego mind, our intellect is making a judgment.


Now having an ego, having a mind and having an intellect is all part of being human.


Which would you rather have, a promotion or a lay off?


Which would you rather find out, that your spouse wants a divorce or that they are taking you on a surprise vacation?


The answers are kinda obvious.


Only later, when we look at these events in retrospect, do we usually begin to see things from the spiritual perspective.


Because you got laid off, you started the career that made you a millionaire, where you met your very best friend in the whole world, that fed your soul, that gave you time to write a book, where you finally found happiness.


We can get there eventually, but in the meanwhile, we are usually suffering through it.


How can we let go of the judgment more quickly?


How can we start behaving right now as though everything that happens to us is actually for our highest good?


It is helpful to acknowledge that our entire life is set up as an individualized self study course in spiritual growth.


What I may need to learn could be different from what you need to learn.


More than likely, you are processing totally different lessons, but both of us are in this together and we are all evolving spiritually.


One way to behave as if all events are for our highest good is when they happen to us initially – even in the moment of shock, despair, regret, shame, blame or failure – that we hold out the possibility, that we create the space that allows us to see from this higher perspective.


We can say a prayer:


“Dear God,

Thank you for sending me this unexpected turn of events.

Thank you!

No, I really mean it.

I know that the universe is ultimately a friendly place.

I know you love me.

I know that everything always works out for my highest good by grace and perfect time.

Please help my ego mind at this time. Allow me the grace to see what you are seeing, to know what you are knowing, to feel what you feel, to hear what you hear.

Only when I see, know, feel and hear with your God Source perspective will I comprehend at the deepest level how this event is actually working out for my highest good.

Please forgive my humanness.

Help me release my shock, despair, regret, shame, blame and/or feeling of failure.

I put all these thoughts and feelings in your loving hands.

Please release me now.

Thank you God, thank you God.


What is healing? True healing happens when we finally perceive the world the way God sees it – as all good.