Catherine Carrigan Joins The Natural Healing Show

Catherine Carrigan Joins The Natural Healing Show

Catherine Carrigan, medical intuitive healer and Amazon No. 1 bestselling author, has joined The Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio as co-host.

The Natural Healing Show empowers you to achieve exceptional levels of health and well-being through discovering the healing power of nature and natural health.

The Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio with Co-Host Catherine Carrigan

The Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio with Co-Host Catherine Carrigan

Started by Yara Ghrewati, a rain forest and bushcraft survival instructor, photographer, belly dancer and adventuress, the show reaches listeners around the world through UK Health Radio.

You can listen to and download podcasts of previous episodes of The Natural Healing Show at this link.

“Catherine has been a strong ambassador and long time supporter of the Natural Healing Show,” says Yara Ghrewati. “Having been interviewed herself on the show a few times, she has shared valuable knowledge on health, nutrition, and natural healing.

“I look forward to the positive initiatives and informative interviews Catherine will be sharing in the future on the Natural Healing Show and a very warm welcome to UK Health Radio.”

UK Health Radio was created by CEO Johann Ilgenfritz five years ago.

“Natural healing is a subject that our listeners at UK Health Radio are passionate about,” Johann says. “Yara Ghrewati and Catherine Carrigan bring the best of this knowledge to our listeners. I like that they will be working together on both sides of the Atlantic to bring diversity and insight to our international audience.”

Catherine Carrigan has practiced natural healing for the past 24 years. She is the author of eight published books:

Yara Ghrewati, Co-host of The Natural Healing Show

Yara Ghrewati, Co-host of The Natural Healing Show

Whilst traveling in South East Asia, Yara Ghrewati trained on how to live and survive in the jungle with only a machete with a local Kelabit guide working as part of the Traditional Knowledge Documentation Project. She learned specific skills from the knowledge that had been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth from Kelabit and Penan cultures. This included learning about various plant species used for healing, consumption, and building, as well as day-to-day survival in the jungle. She also spent time living with the Mentawai Cultures on Siberut Island off the west coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. She most recently learned about various medicinal plants in the Amazonian rain forest with a Shaman named Estaban.

Whilst trekking in jungles, she witnessed the negative impacts created by the timber companies or palm oil plantations to tropical rain forests on the local cultures living in and around the area.She learned there is undiscovered ethnobotanical knowledge that tribal cultures possess and that there is a strong need to bridge the gap between their sustainable knowledge of the tropical rain forests and our western technology.

“Spending time in natural environments is the biggest love of mine, learning about medicinal plants and gaining survival knowledge from indigenous cultures,” Yara says. “I believe tribal cultures are unique and the guardians of the last remaining natural environments of the world. They should be protected.”

You can learn more about Yara and her work through her websites:


Yaga Yo Travels

Yaga Yo Photography and Filming

Yara Ghrewati Blog

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The Natural Healing show invites listeners to discover the world of natural living and healing shared by the knowledge of different therapists, yogis, healers, professionals, teachers & indigenous cultures from around the world.

Exploring natural therapies, the natural world, indigenous wisdom, conservation, environment, sustainability, organic living, herbal medicine, plant healing, nutrition, holistic practices, life-style advice, global consciousness, positive affirmations and physical & mental health care.

Although ‘Natural Healing’ methods are today viewed as “Alternative” they have been around for thousands of years and have been used by many different cultures around the world.

Indigenous cultures living in natural environments are perceived as the ‘guardians’ of the worlds last remaining natural ecosystems. They carry immense knowledge and have spent centuries adopting valuable education on the environment, plant healing, sustainability & biodiversity, which has been passed down through word of mouth to younger generations by their ancestors.

The Natural Healing Show will be exploring the indigenous cultural wisdom of natural healing, the environment, conservation & sustainable living.

It’s a community platform for truth & knowledge, to get voices heard, raise awareness and to help bridge the gap between western technology & indigenous knowledge.

If you are interested in being a guest on The Natural Healing Show, please email Catherine Carrigan at or text her at 678-612-8816.

The Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio with Co-Host Catherine Carrigan

The Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio with Co-Host Catherine Carrigan