I am writing this blog in response to a question from Barrie Moore of Lincoln, England. If you would like me to write a blog post about your question, please send me an email and I will see what I can do.

Barrie asked me how to explain how to cleanse the spiritual body.

First, let’s start with some general understandings.

There are five layers of you.

The physical body – you know what that is.

Your energy body, which includes your chakras, the acupuncture system and the breath.

Your emotional body, which is the largest part of anyone

Your mind, which is your ego self and contains all your thoughts and beliefs, all your programs, including the idiotic ones and the ones that seem to make sense.

And the spiritual body, which is the part of you beyond all space and time. You came in with your spiritual body and it has been with you through many lifetimes.


Just as in my work with the physical body, there are things I can do for your spiritual body and then there are things you can do for yourself.


I can do body work on almost any muscle in your body. I can teach you how to eat right for your metabolism and how to determine which supplements are right for you at any given time. I can determine your food sensitivities, find out if you have parasites and fix your digestion. I can teach you corrective exercise programs, yoga, qi gong and weight training. I can do thai yoga massage with you, foot reflexology, therapeutic stretching. I can analyze your posture and teach you exercises to fix pretty much any pain in your physical body. There’s probably a lot more, but let me continue.


What you can do for yourself is eat better, exercise regularly and go to bed on time. You can take your vitamins, drink your juice, throw out your junk food garbage and try not to overwork.


In spiritual work, I can do karmic releases on your behalf to release long-held patterns that may have crossed many lifetimes. I can determine if you took vows in another lifetime that are affecting you in this lifetime and help you clear those vows (for example, many people took vows of chastity or poverty, and that is what their lives are like today – single and poor). I can patch holes in your energy field, clear negative spiritual energies, teach you how to talk to your angels, teach you what your psychic gifts are and how to use them effectively. I can help you call on seven levels of ancestors to clear your current challenges. I can rebuild your chakras and your hara line, clear your energy field and call in angelic protection. I can help you determine your cantillation, which is the activity that is unique to you that will raise your level of consciousness when you practice it regularly. I can do past life clearings, birth issue clearings and help you figure out how many times your soul tried to incarnate before you were born in this lifetime and how that struggle affected your organs. I can heal your wounded spirit, help you understand the spiritual issues behind any illnesses you are facing and teach you how to restore your joy in life. OK, probably more, but let me continue.


Most of the healing work that I do at this point is on the spiritual level because that is the most profound level to work with on anybody’s behalf.


To me, cleansing the spiritual body is spiritual detoxification.


Just as in physical detoxification, spiritual clearing is an ongoing process.


Even if you have done one cleanse – say colonics, juicing and far infrared sauna – that does not mean you are done. We live in a very toxic world and are constantly exposed to auto exhaust fumes, heavy metals, chemicals in our food and environment, EMFs, radiation and many other unseen influences.


If you are alive, you need a constant process of physical detoxification and spiritual detoxification.


Here are a few things you can do to clear your spiritual body:


  • Do the Source Connection on a regular basis. You can look back in the archives of my blog to read the article I wrote on September 22, 2011, explaining how to do this. This process will help you stay connected to God at all times.
  • Take Epsom salt baths. Salt baths clear your energy field. You have to realize that your energy field is just like the carpet in your living room. From time to time, you need to vacuum the carpet. Even if you are not conscious of it, you collect chi in your energy field. This could be other people’s thoughts and emotions, the energy you pick up reading or watching the news, EMFs, and many other vibrations. Taking an Epsom salt bath is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your field clear.
  • Spend time alone in complete quiet. My mentor in healing, Sue Maes, and I often talk about how when you want to accelerate your spiritual growth it is important to be quiet so that you can tune in to your guidance and get direction. When we are hustling and bustling, trying to be busy and important, it’s easy to disconnect and not hear our deepest guidance.
  • Spend time at the beach or out in the woods. When we are in a crowded elevator, for example, our energy field contracts. When we are in nature, our energy field can expand, and by expanding, clear and relax.
  • Practice yoga, tai chi or qi gong. These forms of energy exercise balance and clear our energy field. Once you realize that ALL illness – no matter what it is – begins in the energy field, you will realize that clearing and balancing your field with yoga, tai chi or qi gong is one of the best things you can do for your long-term health.
  • Forgive everybody, including yourself. Many people do not really understand what forgiveness actually is. When you forgive someone, you let go of resentment, revenge and anger. You realize that everybody is always doing the best they can. Just because someone else did something that you yourself would never do doesn’t mean they were wrong. You do not have their life experience. You can not possibly know or understand – no matter how well you think you know that person – the true reasons that something happened. If you truly believe that it’s all God, then it’s all good, including other people. Become more and more unconditional about this and you will find yourself on a path of rapid spiritual growth.
  • Accept what is as perfect and give up the habit of trying to save the world. Once you have taken the huge step of forgiving someone, which many people never get to, then take the extra step and let go of your story completely. Your story is your litany of grievances. Usually, after a matter of time, you can look back at events in your life and see how you benefited from them. Go there as quickly as you can, even pray to be able to see the benefits.
  • Find a form of meditation that you are willing to do. Whether you are lying down, sitting or doing standing meditation, your mind is in the same zone. Sometimes my meditation is knitting or beading or walking in the woods. It’s all good. You will never get to the point where your thoughts are completely gone but you can get to the point where it’s a lot quieter.
  • Pray and ask for guidance about everything. All thoughts and beliefs are no longer true when looked at from a different level of consciousness. I will say that another way. At one level of consciousness, you may think or believe one way. At another level of consciousness, that doesn’t even make sense. Realize that you actually don’t KNOW anything. You may think you know, but you don’t. I have many many years of constant study on many subjects, but no matter what I am doing, I ask for guidance because that is the quickest rocket booster way to get to the best answer. Get into the habit of asking for guidance about everything. I “turn on” my guidance first thing in the morning by asking for guidance about what to wear. That turns on my psychic vision, as I will see the color or the article of clothing, the jewelry, etc. When you ask for guidance, life suddenly becomes more miraculous as you will find yourself in the right place at the right time.
  • Set your intention to serve God for the highest good. Ask to align your will with God’s will. Your will power is only as strong as your level of consciousness at any given moment. That means you have good days and you have bad days. We all do. And so if you try to use your will power to accomplish things you will most likely have a bumpy road. The most powerful way to do anything is to say “God’s will be done.” Realize that the ego steps in at 1/10,000th of a second and claims credit for everything. No matter how smart you think you are, how strong you think you are, you are not smarter or stronger than the power of God. God is not a nice guy or a mean, judging guy up in the sky someplace. God is consciousness, all that is, universal power. So there are no mistakes, no coincidences. Your life is set up like an individual self study course for your own spiritual growth. What you need to learn and what I need to learn may be two different sets of experiences. The trick is to be humble and pay attention. This is soul level clearing because when you take this attitude, your soul stops the habit of struggling and you become more at peace inside yourself.


You can see from this list that we will never be done clearing our spiritual body. As we internalize these practices, our level of consciousness increases, our joy increases, our energy field brightens and we feel more on purpose every moment.