You would be surprised how many clients, when they come to me for physical healing, I have to help overcome money issues in order for them to get better.


I am not talking about having enough money to pay for my sessions.


I am talking about the fact that if you are in survival mode, that will keep you in adrenal stress and you will have a hard time actually improving your health.


At the beginning of this year, I took over both my personal accounting and my business accounting.


As you can well imagine, accounting and bookkeeping are not my strengths. In fact, they have been – up until this year – areas of my life that I ignored virtually completely.


I really enjoyed my blinders. It felt great not knowing what was going on with my balance sheet. I just focused on helping my clients get better.


But through a series of circumstances, my ignore-your-books pass finally expired and I was forced to take over things in January.


At the beginning of the year, I would say that my stress about accounting and bookkeeping was about a 10+ on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being no stress. It was not that I was afraid I would have no money. It was more that I was afraid that I would make a mistake. Since we all make mistakes, and I know I make mistakes all the time, this was a huge stress for me. I may forgive myself, but I was not so sure how forgiving the IRS or the Georgia Department of Revenue or my bank would be if and when I made a mistake.


Fortunately for me, I have the world’s greatest accountant, Ruth Upchurch. I met Ruth years ago when both she and I studied Brain Gym. We grew up in Brain Gym together, continuing parallel studies, and I went to Ruth every week for many years for kinesiology sessions. Ruth is a healer. Fortunately for me, Ruth is also an accountant.


When it came time for me to take over my books, Ruth knew that I am no idiot. But she also knew how overwhelmed I felt, and she coached me and encouraged me to the point where I now have all my money completely in order. This is a huge personal accomplishment for me. Boring, yes, but an accomplishment none the less.


I like my entire life to be organized. After yoga class, I encourage each student to roll up their yoga strap, just like kindergarten. I vacuum my studio regularly. All my manuals are neatly arranged. Even the crystals in my window are grouped by color. When our life is in order, our mind can quiet and we can focus on the tasks at hand. I like my life to be peaceful.


I had worked for years on the spiritual aspects of developing a healthy relationship with money. I reached a whole new level, however, by handling my money myself and getting to the point where I knew where it all was, what was coming in and going out and where the rest of it was invested.


I give 100 percent of the credit to Ruth Upchurch, who takes a very integrated approach to managing money. Thanks to Ruth, I am no longer in survival mode.