Last year, I did a very interesting healing with a painter.

She had been depressed for some time.

Although many natural healing remedies had helped her to feel less blue – yoga, nutritional supplements – she was still mildly dissatisfied and unable to break her cycle.

She came to me for a medical intuitive reading and healing.

I asked for guidance and received the information that she needed to paint a minimum of 1 and a half hours every other day to eliminate her depression for good.

Although she had painted in the past, her artistic efforts had been sporadic in a stop-and-go fashion.

“Look at this like your mental health project,” I advised her.

“It doesn’t matter whether you paint or draw, whether you sell your artwork or don’t sell your art. Just do something at least 1 and a half hours every day and then you will feel dramatically better.”

She followed my advice and voila, her depression was gone.

Yesterday, I was doing a healing for a woman who practices energy medicine.

Although she is an accomplished practitioner, she had gotten away from energy work and her life has been out of order in several dimensions – especially financially and mentally.

“You have to allow the healing energy to flow through you,” I advised her. “You need to work with at least three clients a week or you won’t feel right. You are blocking the flow and getting all turned around as a result.”

Many of us receive divine inspiration on a regular basis.

Your soul could want to paint, heal, write or create in some other way –  in business, for example.

If you do not allow this divine inspiration to flow through you, to work through you, to be birthed by you, you may end up feeling not only depressed but the word I would use for this condition is dispirited – out of touch with who you are, not able to put your finger on exactly what is wrong with you, going from one therapist to the other with no result.

You may be coping by drinking too much alcohol, overworking or abusing yourself in many other ways.

Here’s the rub.

If you already know you are a naturally creative person, if you don’t create, if you do not allow divine inspiration to flow through you, you will not feel right no matter if you are taking vitamins, exercising, talking to a therapist about your childhood, receiving acupuncture, taking antidepressants, etc. etc. etc.

You need to be living in harmony with your what your soul is longing to do, so you might as well follow your guidance and allow divine inspiration to flow through you.

I had this experience myself.

After publishing my first book in 1997, I went through a 15-year dry spell.

My soul longed to write more books but nothing was happening, nothing was coming through me until I wrote the rough draft of my second book, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness. 

Even though I had been making money, serving others and growing in many ways as a person and even blogging and writing a monthly newsletter, I didn’t feel quite myself until I finally broke down and allowed divine inspiration to flow through me in the form of a book.

Another friend of mine was given the guidance that if she didn’t start teaching again she would become ill.

We all have a special gift – a gift that only YOU can give – that your soul is deeply longing to contribute.

Stop making yourself sick by blocking your soul. Just go do it!

What is healing? Healing happens when we allow divine inspiration to flow through us.