Yesterday, my friend Rochel Parker, a Feng shui master, and I went to the G&LW gem and lapidary show in Franklin, North Carolina.

Making jewelry is my hobby. Most of the earrings, necklaces and bracelets that I make I give away, but if I ever sell anything, I give half the proceeds to either the Atlanta Pet Rescue or the Atlanta Community Food Bank, my two favorite charities.

When I got to Gainesville to pick her up, I found out that Rochel had walking pneumonia. Had I known, I might have talked her out of it, but like me, she had been looking forward to the show all year and wanted to go anyway. I was so enthusiastic that I took the whole day off from work and drove about 6 hours, counting rush hour traffic, to go there and back so I could be home in time to teach my yoga class on Thursday evening.


So here is my point.


I kept my energy high by eating as well as I could, given that I was traveling, given that I was in a hurry all day and given that it was very very hot.


I got up and made myself a fabulous breakfast.

I juiced a huge mug of spinach, celery and organic pink lady apples. I drank my juice with some organic turkey bacon before heading off in the early morning traffic. I brought a bottle of kombucha to drink in the car on the way up to North Carolina.

About 11 or 11:30, as I was at the bead show, I ate some almonds that I had carried with me in my purse to keep my blood sugar balanced. Nuts are great snacks in the summer because they won’t melt or overheat. Then around 1 or 1:30, Rochel and I went to a Thai restaurant, where I had salad and chicken stir fry with mixed vegetables and drank lots of iced tea, because we had been walking around in 100 degree weather looking at all the rocks, beads, and jewelry paraphernalia.

On the way home I ate a small bag of cashews and drank a huge bottle of water.

I was later than I thought coming home, due to an overturned vehicle that brought all traffic to a halt, so I only had about 10 minutes to heat up a can of organic chicken and rice soup while I was changing into my yoga tights. Before bed I had a Designs for Health Cocommune Bar. I frequently eat right before bed to keep my blood sugar balanced so I get a really good night’s sleep.


Even though I had been driving for so long and had been stuck in traffic, I still had the energy to teach a fairly challenging yoga class for an hour and a half with twisting half moon pose and twisting triangle.


Today a client came to visit me from out of state.

She is a new client who is learning how to become a healthier person.

It was 3 o’clock when she came to my office and she told me the only thing she had eaten all day was a bowl of cereal in the morning.

She was so exhausted I could tell she was having trouble keeping her eyes open. We talked about where she could shop for really healthy food after our session, but she was afraid she would only be able to manage visiting one store, given that she was so tired.


Part of the reason that I will never give up my work with nutrition is that you can not be a healthy person, nor can you have great energy nor can you heal your body unless you eat really really well.


There is no energy healer in the world who can just wave their hands over you and make you well if you are eating junk food or starving yourself of vital nutrients.


You make a choice about how you are going to feel today with every bite of food you choose to put into your mouth.


A lot of people don’t understand what healthy eating means of course.


I told my client that if all I had eaten all day was a bowl of cereal that I would be exhausted too.


I gave her a healthy eating plan, went over with her how I wanted her to eat at least five times a day to keep her blood sugar balanced and told her what she could start eating to eliminate the pain in her body and develop the energy to start taking better care of herself.


Many of my new clients are so exhausted they don’t even have the energy to do what is necessary to begin to heal themselves.


So I have to help them develop a basic level of energy, which always begins with food.


Many people make the mistake of not eating frequently enough. They think that if they eat often, they might become fat. I eat all the time and have a very healthy metabolism. I didn’t have a healthy metabolism for years, but I have healed myself through years of consistent healthy eating


It’s not how often you eat that is the problem, it is what you are eating.


Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, as fresh as you can get. Eat small amounts. Drink lots of water. Eat frequently. Take up juicing – it is actually delicious and will make you amazingly healthy.


I don’t want to be a medical intuitive who just shows people what is wrong with them. I want to show the way. I want to teach people what they can do naturally to feel amazing all the time.