What is healing?

True healing happens when we identify and release the core emotions that cause us to be sick in the first place.

Years ago, when I began studying kinesiology and holistic alternative medicine, I learned that the very first thing we need to do to get well is identify the emotions behind the illness.

It’s quite simple.

When I do a healing, we set a goal.

The goal for you could be to cure cancer, overcome adrenal fatigue, get over your money problems, start a new business, be the best you can be, have a great relationship – you name it.

Once we have the goal, I identify the emotion or emotions that may be holding you back.

I have several charts that I use to identify emotions. You can download one of them for FREE at this link.

I use the emotional chart from Touch for Health, go on to a Behavioral Barometer, then check emotions connected with your amydalae (which indicate you are stuck in fight, flight or freeze), then go on to emotions from Total Body Modification, your chakras and then, if I still haven’t found all the emotional roots, I have several other lists and charts.

I just keep going until I find ALL your emotions that are part of what is keeping you stuck in illness.

Why is it so important to clear your emotions?

Emotions can shut down literally any physiological process.

You can see that for yourself if you simply observe what happens when you think a highly stressful thought. Most likely the first thing that happens is that you hold your breath. Just a small instant in time, thinking of something that stresses you, you hold your breath, there’s a blip on your EKG, your brain chemistry changes, your acupuncture system shifts slightly and as your acupuncture system shifts, a region in your brain will light up and a corresponding acupuncture meridian, muscle and organ will go weak. All in an instant.

Of course, you don’t notice this because you are just living your life being a human.

We can go to the doctor or naturopath, take prescription drugs or nutritional supplements, all of which may be well and good and actually beneficial and important.

But if we don’t clear the emotions behind the illness, the energy just morphs to affect another organ system, another part of our mind-body system and we find ourselves sick or injured or unwell in another way.

It goes like this. You fix your elbow, then you hurt your knee. You fix your elbow and your knee, then you catch the flu. You overcome the flu, your elbow and your knee, you lose your job, then you get cancer. And on and on and on.

Emotions can shut down not only your physical body but also your ability to think straight and your capacity to follow your soul’s inner direction.

There are countless effective techniques that empower us to clear emotions at a very deep level.

Trust me, unless you have identified the emotion behind an illness you have been struggling with, you will continue to struggle and not understand why your doctor, naturopath, physical therapist, personal trainer, acupuncturist, massage therapist, Reiki master or other traditional or alternative practitioner is able to get anywhere.

Many people are afraid of their emotions and thus have not begun this crucial aspect of their personal healing.

You have to feel very safe in order to feel your own emotions, let alone deal with them. So finding someone you feel 100 percent safe with is absolutely crucial.

On the other hand, if you just see emotions for what they are – energy in motion – you can be a little more fearless in dealing with them.

As a now deceased medical doctor, Dr. Edward Garbacz, used to say, “There’s death, taxes and emotions. It’s all unavoidable.”

What is healing?

True healing happens when we face our emotions head on and find effective ways to clear the energy completely.