One of the most unusual things that I do as a medical intuitive healer is to repair holes in your energy field.

About two weeks ago, I repaired the energy field of a client who had been having migraine headaches all day long every day for several months.

Needless to say, this was a major distraction.

She had already worked with some of the very best healers in Atlanta, many of whom I know, love and respect.

However, when she arrived in my office, she had a hole in her energy field that no one had picked up or repaired. Within a week, she told me she was 75 percent better. Within two weeks, she reported she felt 95 percent better.

It is a law of physics that any time there is a vertical electrical current there is a magnetic field perpendicular to that.

When we are healthy, we have a strong, vibrant energy field.

However, our energy field can become torn as a result of  trauma.

Here are a few dramatic examples of my clients with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who had a hole in their energy field that I repaired:

  • A young man who had been raped. This was most upsetting to me – a long story. He was studying acting and his mother was late to pick him up from play practice. He was jumped by three guys. He had been holding in the truth of what had happened to him. I was only the second person ever to discuss the incident with him. I repaired the hole in his energy field and he told me, “You have helped me so much! I feel so much better!” Then his mother pulled the plug on our sessions in order to “save money.” Due to confidentiality, I could not reveal to her what her son and I were really working on. The young man was 18 years old by the time he was working with me. Had he been younger, I would have been legally bound to report the incident to the police.
  • A woman who fell backwards in a diving accident. She had been in a year-long study at the National Institute of Health using acupuncture and had taken prescription drugs for pain for several years and on top of that had become a Pilates instructor to try to alleviate her situation. I got rid of her pain completely after fixing the hole in her energy field.
  • A fellow healer/kinesiologist suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. Up until recently, she had the largest hole in an energy field I had ever seen – it was as large as her back. She used to arrive at my office with little baggies of Kleenex that she would use to wipe her hands. She had spent two years going to every healer she knew in an effort to get better. In addition to the hole in her field, she had a negative spirit attachment that I removed.

Holes in the energy field are – believe it or not – quite common among people who suffer migraine headaches.

If you have a migraine and visit an energy healer, the energy healing itself can make your migraine worse.

A healer has to fix the holes in your field when you are not in the midst of a migraine and then you can receive energy healing without the increased chi accelerating your pain.

The client I was working on recently had suffered sexual abuse for six years as a child at the hands of her father.

Despite the trauma, she has become a lovely, highly successful woman by anyone’s yardstick.

I have had clients with 10 percent of her life’s difficulties who have been stopped in their tracks and become incredibly physically and mentally ill.

As they say, it’s not what happens to us that counts, it’s the attitude we choose that really matters.

What is healing? Healing happens when you repair your energy field and strengthen your personal chi.

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