One of the major factors that keeps us as humans separate and apart from the stream of divine guidance constantly being showered upon us is our emotions.




Our feelings sway us.

We project them from inside ourselves out onto the world without often even recognizing this fact.

To access your intuition, you must practice getting into neutral.

What is neutral?

I remember when I first began studying about medical intuition.

It was explained to me this way: “How many tiles are in the bathroom?” Who cares. Really? You have no dog in the fight. Whatever the answer is, you are OK about it.

“How many bricks did it take to build your house?” Once again, who cares. You would be OK no matter what the answer.

When you can get to the point where you are totally OK about whatever information you receive, that’s what neutral is.

If you are hoping to see something or looking for anything in particular, that’s not neutral.

If you are frightened of seeing something, that’s not neutral.

Personally, I like to explain neutral this way.

It’s like picking up a book and reading the words on the page.

If I am doing a medical intuitive reading, there are all sorts of things that a body may want to tell me about.

I have to allow the book to speak to me. That’s neutral.

When we are in an emotional state of mind, our feelings keep us from receiving this direct guidance and also often from taking action on the information we already have.

As humans, we all have emotions – all kinds of emotions, in fact.

Emotions can shut down literally any physiological process in the body.

They can also so charge our energy field that we become disconnected from our divine guidance.

How can you get into neutral?

Here are a few ways I can recommend:

  • Meditate
  • Walk in nature
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Clear your energy
  • Cocoon yourself
  • Stop listening to the news
  • Stop listening to other people’s opinions
  • Set your intention to connect every aspect of your being to divine God Source
  • If you are upset, calm yourself
  • Get enough rest
  • Ground yourself to the earth
  • Pray for insight to penetrate your own resistance
  • If you know you are upset and can not get a hold of yourself, wait to ask for guidance or hire someone else who is able to be neutral about the subjects you are not yet able to be neutral about.

Even though I am highly intuitive and use my gifts in literally every area of my life, I am also human and am capable of getting my panties in a wad just like anybody else.

I recognize when my own emotions get in the way. I know when I am not able to be neutral and when this happens I hire a coach to help me sort through and receive the guidance that I need to move forward.

This alone is a special skill, recognizing what you are and are not able to be neutral about.

That is why, when you are starting out practicing your own intuition, it is often easiest to ask for guidance about subjects you care little about, such as whether to buy apples or oranges at the grocery, whether to take the city streets or the highway, what color clothes to wear that day and any other of the simple little decisions you have to make all day long.

As you become familiar with the feeling of neutral, you will know when the path to your own intuition is open and when you are blocked.

You will notice that neutral is always accompanied by a deep feeling of inner quietude.

This is what is truly meant by the phrase, “Show up and get out of the way.”

Your ego gets set aside – even if only for a few moments – so that your soul can connect.

From this well, all knowledge can pour forth.