We’ve all heard that it takes seven years to create a new body.

Every seven years, every cell in your body is totally replaced.

But what if you keep thinking the same thoughts?

If you keep thinking the same thoughts, you will keep feeling the same feelings.

Feeling the same feelings is great so long as what you are feeling is wonderful, happy, alive, creative and exuberant.


If you are sick or suffering from any illness, you will want to seriously re-examine what you are thinking and feeling because your body is showing you that it’s absolutely not working for you.


A good friend who thought she had overcome breast cancer decided to start re-reading her old journals.


I warned her about this. I recommended that she affirm out loud, “I am not this person any more.” I would have rather she burn the whole lot, but she kept reading. I was trying to be tactful. In my mind, I wanted to beg her to stop before she hurt herself.


Next thing she knew, cancer had returned.


If you go back and think the old thoughts and feel the old feelings, you will just trigger the same cellular patterns that caused your disease in the first place.


We can do all the therapy in the world, years of therapy, and think we are all “done,” but the minute you go back and tell yourself the same old story, watch out.


There’s plenty of scientific research about this. Every emotion is related to an acupuncture meridian. You can feel a feeling or think a thought and a certain region of the brain will light up along with a very precise point on an acupuncture meridian.


If you have trouble with your story, if it still feels sad, angry or a tale of victimization and woe, then keep rewriting it until there is no longer any negativity.


I did this myself recently.


I kept rewriting my story of the past two and a half years of my life. At first, it was lengthy and I would get caught up in the emotions. I would stop myself, pause, wait and reflect. I kept trying until I got to the point where I saw it all as a great blessing.


Nobody told me to do this. I just knew.


This is the same reasoning behind giving away old objects in your home that bring up unhappy memories. It’s the same thing as post traumatic stress disorder. You look at a vase and it brings back the unhappy story. Or you give away the vase until all you have left in your home is happy, peaceful memories.


Give up your past before it kills you. At a certain point, when you look around or listen, you will find that everybody could go around carrying a sack full of grievances.


As A Course In Miracles says, there are no justified grievances.


You can weigh down your energy field with grievances and curse yourself to an early death, or you could bless everything that has ever happened to you, kiss the earth and wake up thankful to hear the birds singing.


It’s your choice.