The fastest, cheapest way to heal yourself from adrenal burnout is by resting. It’s called grizzly after grizzly bears – even busy bears take time to hibernate.

Probably the No. 1 thing that most if not all my new clients have in common is some degree of adrenal burnout, the most common side effect of a stressful life. As part of the healing I do with them, I recommend a regular schedule of resting.

How do you know if you have adrenal burnout?

You may be experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  1. Unrelenting exhaustion
  2. Inability to lose weight
  3. Inability to heal no matter how many traditional or alternative practitioners you have seen
  4. Taking a long time to overcome a common flu or cold
  5. You feel tired but wired
  6. Your hormones are depleted
  7. You have low thyroid function
  8. You have degenerative diseases of aging – osteoporosis, heart disease or arthritis
  9. You are too tired to exercise
  10. Constantly craving sugar or caffeine to keep going
  11. Depression for no obvious reason
  12. Inability to think straight
  13. You feel easily overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities

As a nutritionist, I have countless natural healing remedies for all three stages of adrenal burnout – alarm, adaptation and exhaustion – but the truth is there is no natural supplement that will replace what simple resting can do.

What counts for resting?

  1. Napping
  2. Going to bed on time, which is defined as lights out no later than 10:30 p.m.
  3. Sleeping soundly throughout the night
  4. Taking a hot bath
  5. Meditating
  6. Watching funny or uplifting movies – no violence
  7. Reading spiritually uplifting or funny books – no work materials
  8. Hobbies that can be done while lying down or sitting, such as knitting, crochet or needlepoint
  9. Unplugging from the internet and electronic gadgets such as smart phone, iPad or computer
  10. Listening to music

With all your responsibilities, keeping yourself and your family and job going, is it really possible to get enough rest?

Consider this:

  • If you rested one day a week, you would get 52 days of complete rest every year
  • If you rested two days a week, you could get 104 days of complete rest every year
  • Even if you can’t take a full day off every week to rest, perhaps you could take half a day on the weekend to begin the process of unwinding

Many people literally do not have any clue how they really feel.

I am a big believer in intuition and learning how to follow our inner guidance, but how can you follow your guidance when you are so exhausted you can’t think straight to begin with?

When you begin to rest, you will begin to reconnect your mind, body and spirit.

What do I mean by this?

When you take the time to rest, you will feel how your body feels, what’s coming up for you emotionally and you can finally actually listen to what your soul is guiding you to do.

Many people live their lives on adrenalin, skipping meals, working 12 to 18 hours a day, and do not pause to consider why the antidepressants or anti anxiety medication they are taking doesn’t seem to be making much of a difference, why their relationships are falling apart, why they don’t feel happy and why no matter how hard they try they don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

You can take all the drugs or natural healing remedies in the world, but until you make time to rest on a regular basis, your efforts to heal yourself aren’t going to go very far very quickly.

The fastest, cheapest way to heal your adrenal burnout is to make time to rest.

Get a calendar and mark off the complete days or half days that you agree to rest over the next three months. In a three-month period, you could easily accomplish at least 12 days of total surrender and in so doing knock off at least one level of adrenal burnout.

The more you rest, and the deeper you rest, the faster you will find yourself healing your adrenal burnout.