This week, I consulted with a lady in Hawaii who has been suffering from severe ulcerative colitis for the past four years.

Even though she was hospitalized, even though she has been following a highly restrictive diet, she has continued to suffer with no relief.

She consulted me for a medical intuitive reading.

I wish I could say that this dear lady was the exception, but among clients I have worked with for digestive issues, her case is quite common.

Just because you have been hospitalized, just because you have eliminated numerous food groups from your eating program and just because you are working with a doctor or even a naturopath, as has this lady, does not mean you have gotten to the bottom of what is actually wrong with you.

Digestion is so key because when your digestive system is stressed, literally no other organ in your body works as well as it could.

You may have malabsorption, which means you may not be able to take in the key nutrients you need to thrive.

You may have inflammation, which I liken to fire in the body. Just as if you throw a match down on the floor of your house, if you suffer from inflammation in your digestive system that can literally spread quite everywhere – into your joints and even as far as your brain.

You could have bad bacteria, parasites, candida or other infections.

You may be reacting to foods you eat every day or even how you are cooking your food (hint: microwaved food is a nightmare for your tummy).

Even your brain chemistry gets affected because over 90 percent of your serotonin is produced in your G.I. tract. Many of my clients have been able to get off antidepressants with the approval of their doctors after healing their digestion.

When I do a medical intuitive reading, I typically start by calibrating how well each organ is functioning.

Around 72 to 85 percent would be a healthy organ.

Many of us who are overachievers need to be reminded that organs can over work as well as under function.

I would ask:

  • How is your large intestine?
  • How is your small intestine?
  • How is your spleen?
  • Your pancreas?
  • Your liver?
  • Your gallbladder?
  • Do you need to consult a medical doctor to talk about bad bacteria, candida, parasites, probiotic imbalance or infections?
  • What are the emotions that are causing your digestive system to be so stressed?
  • What foods do you typically react to that you may be better off avoiding?
  • What dietary approach do you need to take right now in order to feel better?

Frankly, from having worked with countless digestive clients for years, my feeling is that digestive problems end up being 50/50:

  • 50 percent physical
  • 50 percent mental/emotional/spiritual, as a guidepost to how well (or not) you are managing the stress of your life

Among my extreme success cases are two ladies who gave birth to very healthy babies after suffering from severe digestive problems for years.

In  one of their cases, her large intestine had been completely removed when she was only 16 years old.

Just because you have suffered a very long time does not mean you can not get better.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to become a healthy happy person?

If you’re not (and many chronically ill digestive clients suffer from this dilemma as well) we can do a healing to clear you resistance.

What is healing? Healing happens when you take into account literally all the factors that have been causing you to suffer.

Good digestion is the foundation for excellent health.

If you have been suffering from poor digestion, do the necessary detective work to get to the bottom of your why.