A small child recently asked, “Why are there so many nasty people in the world?”

Her father, my wonderful SEO guy Scott D. Smith of London, replied, “For each horrid act the news reports on, they don’t report on the millions of nice acts people do.”

Scott asked me to write a blog article sharing my insights on this subject.

Here is my take on this weighty  subject.

  1. In my view, it’s all one energy. Me, you, the universe, my orchids, people in other countries, we coexist in one energy commonly known as the universe.
  2. Within this one energy, however, are different vibrations. High frequency energies heal us, uplift us, bring us joy and give us insight.
  3. Low frequency energies drag us down, make us sick, lead to depression, fear and anxiety and make us feel overall discouraged about the state of the world.
  4. The truth is that the angelic is here, the demonic is here. We live in a world of maximum karmic opportunity. That means that every day you and I get to make choices about whether or not we choose to tune in to the guidance of angels and serve the light or not.
  5. Whatever we focus on tends to expand. If I focus all day long on my personal problems inside myself and what I project is wrong with the world outside myself, then I will feel tired, depressed and discouraged. On the other hand, if I make a choice to feel grateful for all my many blessings and choose to take actions that will contribute to my own well being as well as others, I can feel uplifted, encouraged and hopeful.
  6. Socrates said that people always choose the good. Even if I personally don’t understand it, if someone chooses to point a gun in my face, they have a need they are trying to meet and in their own minds they are making the right choice to meet those needs even if I don’t personally agree, approve or I am totally appalled by their behavior. The mind is easily mislead by wrong information, which is why we need to develop our spirituality and learn to pray and sincerely ask for guidance about what actions to take that will be for the highest good of all.
  7. The sages say that the world is actually perfect. What they mean – and I am repeating myself here – is that we live in a world of maximum karmic opportunity where each day you and I get to choose whether or not we will serve the light. You get to choose your direction. I get to choose my own direction.
  8. The most selfish thing I can ever do is to be kind, generous and thoughtful with each person that I come into contact with. That is because the law of karma is like gravity. It applies equally to everyone everywhere all the time whether or not anyone understands it. If I set a man in a cage on fire, then whether or not I am aware of the law of karma or not, the same energy that I put out into the world will come back to me, period.
  9. Whatever energy I put out into the universe is what I can logically and reasonably expect to come back to me. As we grasp this spiritual truth, then we can focus on the choices we can make in life – large and small – that will bring light and love to ourselves and others.
  10. As we focus more and more on the angelic realm, on the blessings of our lives and on how we can contribute to the lives of others, we are blessed beyond measure with vitality, joy, health, happiness, kindness, goodness, peace and self control.

What is healing? Healing happens when we focus on expanding the goodness of our lives so that we become a blessing not only to ourselves but to the lives of others.