During the past two months I have heard from countless clients about how they are feeling depressed, anxious and overwhelmed.
Whether or not you consider yourself an empath or a highly sensitive person, we can all learn how to do a better job staying in our center right now and staying out of the grief, drama and worry caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In this interview for the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio, Medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan interviews Zoe Whitehead, founder of the Soul Power Community, about how empaths and highly sensitive people can survive the coronavirus pandemic.

We talk specifically about how everyone can maintain better emotional and psychic boundaries.
Some of the questions discussed in this interview include:
  • How would you define an empath or highly sensitive person?
  • How does the Schumann Resonance affect highly sensitive people?
  • What are some of the things a highly sensitive person can do to stay centered and grounded during the coronavirus pandemic?
  • Why is grounding so important?
  • What crystals help us stay grounded?
  • How does honoring change in nature help us stay in the present moment?
  • How can I ground myself?
  • Why is it so important to recognize that all living beings have free will and are choosing their own life path?
  • Why is it important to recognize that we can never really know another person’s soul path?
  • How can we be a lighthouse of love and healing light?
  • How does connecting to spirit throughout the day keep us out of the drama?
  • How do we stay out of our shadow?
  • Why is it important to stop seeing ourselves as victims of anyone or anything?
  • How does setting our intention to serve God for the highest good keep us out of the chaos?
  • How do I clear my energy?
  • How can I clear the energy in my home?
  • How can I cocoon my energy to stay in my center?

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Unlimited Intuition Now by Catherine Carrigan, available in paperback, ebook and audiobook

Unlimited Intuition Now by Catherine Carrigan, available in paperback, ebook and audiobook

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Coronavirus Survival Resources 
I’ve been searching around for ways to help everyone get through the Coronavirus, an illness known to attack the respiratory system, hinder breathing and adversely affect people’s lungs both during and after the virus.
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If you are sick with Coronavirus and notice yourself having trouble breathing, you can turn to these breathing exercises, hand mudras and affirmations to redirect your chi and hopefully open up your airways.
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