People sometimes ask me how I figured out that I am psychic.

My friend Rochel Parker, a classical Feng shui master who used to be a professional psychic for 10 years, tells me that the level of skill that I have as a medical intuitive can not be taught or learned.

I have to give Rochel 100 percent of the credit for me starting this blog, as if things were up to me, I would have continued flying under the radar.

My regular clients know this about me, and they consult me about virtually everything. Which guys to say yes to on a date. Which person to hire for their company. Which contractors will do the best job and not rip them off. Yada yada. And oh yes what is wrong with their body and how to become exceptionally healthy.


When I went to Brown University, I was highly stressed, coming out of a typically dysfunctional Southern family. I say this somewhat in jest now because I have other friends who grow up in the South and we have contests about whose family was actually the most dysfunctional. As you can only imagine, nobody really wins because the real-life tragedies that this sort of upbringing entail only continue and all a reasonably mentally healthy individual can do is just accept everybody as they are and make the best of it.


At any rate, I was so stressed when I arrived at Brown, I was quite sure that someone somewhere was going to discover that I was actually stupid and send me packing. I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere. The fear that I also didn’t belong at Brown haunted me. I was gripped with this fear as I attended each class and trotted myself off to the library to do my best on my assignments. The other students appeared more self confident to me. On top of that, they all wore blue jeans and casual hippie clothes, whereas I had been outfitted with skirts, as I had been assured by my well-meaning mother that everyone would be wearing skirts to the football games, which she assumed I would be eager to attend. I took my mother’s word for it that I was supposed to wear skirts and I remember even wearing skirts as I rode my bicycle to classes around campus.


So it was really terrifying to me when Kermit Champa, then chairman of the art history department, asked to meet me in his office.


I was in his introductory class, with several hundred other students. Now I was quite sure I had been found out and would be booted immediately.


Professor Champa had a different story for me entirely. He told me that the paper I had written, which was about a painting by Eduard Manet in the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, was the most brilliant undergraduate essay he had ever read. He told me he wanted to meet the person who had written it.


My stomach turned and clenched as he spoke to me. At the same time, I felt recognized and encouraged. I always did my best, I just wasn’t used to being stroked by anyone. It was scary to be called out, but it made me feel better about myself. I began to feel vindicated.


As time went on, I majored in art history at Brown. I would have majored in any subject that Professor Champa taught. When I graduated from Brown, I gave the Phi Beta Kappa speech and talked about how much his encouragement had meant to me. We continued our friendship after I graduated, and I spoke to him every week for 27 years. He told me that I had been the most brilliant student he had ever had. Although I wasn’t so sure about myself, it felt good to know that someone I respected and admired as a true authority felt that way about me. When I began a career in fitness, nutrition and healing, Professor Champa hailed the fact that I hadn’t just gone for the money like so many of his other students. He saw that I was doing what I love to do.


Flash forward many many years.


I had met the lady who would be my mentor in healing, Sue Maes, at a Brain Gym convention in Toronto, Canada. I had heard Sue lecture, and talked with everyone who was there how brilliant her lecture had been. At the following year’s convention, I was standing in a hallway getting ready to go in and give my own lecture about a book I had published when Sue offered to do healing work with me.


Sue worked on me just 5 to 10 minutes. I was smart enough to recognize at the time that she had literally changed the course of my entire life in just a few minutes of simple but profound healing.


I remember thinking, “I want to do what she does.”


Several years passed after that. I had been struggling with chronic fatigue for many years. I had heard about Sue’s internship in healing, and had wanted to take it, but was so unwell I knew I wasn’t ready for it.


When I finally arrived for my first week of the Sue Maes internship for healing in London, Ontario, Canada, Sue told the three of us who were in the program that she wanted us to see a woman named Faye to learn about her psychic gifts.


I was the last thing from interested. In fact, once again, I was frightened. I had written and published a book about how to heal depression without drugs. I was so tired of people in my family telling me that I was crazy. I just wanted to be normal.


But Sue insisted that we all should learn how we receive information so that we not get confused when we do our healing work.


Reluctantly, I agreed to go see Faye.


On three occasions prior to Sue’s internship and to my visit with Faye, I had been told by three separate individuals in three separate cities that they saw a team of angels around me.


This information just disturbed me. I did not want to be bothered. I was very intent on being normal and living a normal, happy life.


“What do they want?” I had asked the third psychic person who had told me that she had seen a team of pink beings around me. It especially bothered me that all three people in the three separate cities told me that these beings were pink. If all three saw the same thing, totally unprompted by me, then maybe, possibly, they were onto something.


“They want you to write from your heart,” she told me.


“Well too bad,” I replied. “I don’t want to.”


I had not sought out these three individuals. I had not paid them to say anything to me. I was just trying to be a healthy, happy average kind of person. I had signed up for Sue’s internship because I liked kinesiology and wanted to get better at it.


So as I was driving over to Faye’s house to find out about my psychic gifts, I was having a mini-meltdown. Did I really want to go? I had just overcome so much in my life already, and then these people were telling me they saw these pink beings around me. I did not want to be psychic, I wanted to be normal.


When I finally sat down with Faye, she told me that I am a prophetic. This is the fastest psychic gift, and the same one that the famous medical intuitive Edgar Cayce had.


Sue told me that she has only known three true prophetics in her life, including me, and the other two are nonfunctional because they are so overloaded with information.


Faye explained that my soul gift is the prophetic gift, which just knows stuff. That explained a lot of things. My second gift is intuition, or psychic hearing. I use prophetic feeling for my family, which helped me understand why I always felt so terrible when I was around other family members, and my fourth gift is the gift of psychic vision.


Faye also told me about my angels. Somehow I had intuitively known that I had a lot of angels. I figured that it must take a lot of celestial help to overcome all the trouble I had already had in my life.


As I studied about my gifts, things began to make sense. Suddenly I knew why I could make straight A’s at Brown without ever pulling an all nighter.


As I practiced my healing work, people would call me from Australia and I would be telling them, quite accurately, not only about them, who I had never seen before in my life, but also about their mother. It was just easy for me and required seemingly no effort.


I remember once studying with another lady who is a medical intuitive. I remember day one, without her teaching anything, watching her and figuring out what was going on with her organs.


I realized that sometimes, when I am in a lecture or bored, I just look at people and figure things out about them, like their brain profile and how they use their brain.


I remember sitting in a religious lecture and figuring out that the man who was talking had been a drug addict in his early years before he had a conversion. It was part of what motivated him.


I also notice that I just know stuff before it’s going to happen, even if I have zero supporting evidence and often have lots of facts to convince me that the opposite is true. This gift helps me tremendously because even if I don’t know a subject, like, say, roofing, I will intuitively know who to trust to get the job done at the best price. Or when my computer had a meltdown, although it was a stressful experience, I knew it was all going to get straightened out and that I would not lose any information of value.


When I was searching for a new home, I was thumbing through a huge stack of black and white xerox papers. I saw a picture of the front door of what is now my home, and without even reading the address or any other information, I said, “That is my house.” Then it was just a matter of actually going to visit the house, find out where it was and make an offer on it.


When I know that is something is the right thing to do, I will go ahead and do it immediately. This saves me a lot of time. I will sign up for courses without knowing anything about what the agenda is or who the teacher is. I will just know I need to be there. I actually love to learn and have plenty of left-brain information, years of training and countless certificates in healing. To me, it is fun to learn.


Because my brain works intuitively, I value my rare and dear friends who process information this way as well. Frankly there aren’t that many of us. There are lots of people who try to be intuitive, but they fall back on their egos most of the time and trip themselves up with their own emotional issues. I understand that you have to be able to be in neutral to get accurate information, and most people are not neutral about anything. I know when I am not in neutral about my own issues, because I can become highly emotional and get in my own way for sure, and then I call one of my friends who is like me and we have a conversation and I get myself sorted.


There frankly aren’t that many of us who are so intuitive and we instinctively band together and support each other.


Having this gift was initially a huge burden, as I am extremely sensitive to just about everything – energies, emotions, cars driving by the house, plants that are not well, you name it.


For many years I had a rare passing connection to my physical body, and that is why it has been so good for me to do years and years of exercise and study the body from every possible perspective.


When I studied with the lady who is the medical intuitive, she told me not to bother sending my energy up, only to focus on rooting myself to the ground. Tai chi and cranio sacral therapy have really helped me finally complete my efforts to root.


The gift has been that I have had to become strong enough to handle this level of sensitivity and finally learn how to ground myself in the here and now. And that has made me an extremely strong individual, both grounded to the earth and connected to the divine at the same time.


Photo: One of my favorite orchids from Don Dennis, creator of

Laeliocattleya Angel Love orchid makes an essence called Angelic Canopy, which is highly protective. Taking this essence makes you feel like you are lifted up and protected by the angels.