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How To Heal Your Hara Line To Open Your Sixth Sense

Posted on Aug 17, 2015 by in Blog | 11 comments

"How To Heal Your Hara Line To Open Your Sixth Sense"

Healing your hara line is one of the most helpful things you can do to access your sixth sense.

What is your hara line?

Your hara is a vertical electrical current stretching from above the crown of your head through the center of your body down into the core of the earth.

This electrical current is quite literally your main power line.

Breaks, blow outs or distortions in your hara line equate with many challenges, including:

  • Exhaustion
  • Inability to discover your true life direction
  • Difficulty accessing your inner guidance
  • Power loss

Because your hara feeds your chakras, and your chakras feed energy to your acupuncture meridians, which in turn feed chi into your organs that then feed prana into your muscles, you can understand how any disruption in this flow of life force can affect you on multiple levels.

Here is a simple way of thinking of your hara line.

Think of a green garden hose!

A garden hose may have kinks that prevent the water from flowing.

A garden hose may have blow outs where the water leaks.

The water hose may get disconnected at one end or the other, so that even if the long tube is in perfect working order the water doesn’t get dispersed to where you need it to go.

So it is with your hara. You can have kinks, where it quite literally gets bent out of shape. You could have blow outs, especially at your chakras. You could be disconnected either at your earth connection or your divine connection.

Here is a simple process of how you can heal your hara on a daily basis.

  • Step One. Go into meditation. Quiet your mind. Either lie down or sit comfortably.
  • Step Two. Visualize yourself floating your hara line out of your body directly in front of you. Your mind is your most powerful tool. In your mind’s eye, shrink the hara line, float it out in front of you so that you can visualize it and feel it. As you visualize this miniaturized version of your hara, imagine that it is between your two hands. Although usually your hara is vertical, for the purposes of healing it, you will have it horizontal.
  • Step Three. Continuing to visualize your hara between your two hands, with your left hand where the crown of your crown would be and your right hand where your earth connection would be, take your right hand and gently sweep the length of your hara. Go above. Go below. As you gently sweep above and below, sense for any distortions in the flow of energy.
  • Step Four. As you gently sweep, set your intention to release, remove or detach any congestion or blocks in your hara line.
  • Step Five. If you sense any blow outs (think of a nail in a tire), visualize a small patch. Using both hands, visualize yourself patching the hole in your hara line.
  • Step Six. If you feel or visualize any misalignments in your hara, continue sweeping through and visualize your prana running smoothly.
  • Step Seven. Continue sweeping through until your hara feels even, flowing and healthy. When you feel complete visualize realigning your hara in your body. See yourself standing or sitting with a strong vertical electrical current. Know that you are connected to the divine and rooted into the earth at the same time.

Practice balancing your hara line daily until every time you check in with yourself, your prana feels like it is flowing easily and your intuitive guidance comes naturally to you.

In so doing, you will find yourself naturally following your true life direction.

If you are uncertain or would like further instruction, please call to set up an appointment with me by phone at 678-612-8816 or email me at to set up an appointment via my Skype address catherinecarrigan.

I remember years ago, I received a healing session to balance my hara line. The energy worker told me at the time, “Watch out. Your entire life is going to change now!”

When your hara line is clear and open, you follow your soul’s true life direction.

I have since learned how to heal my own hara. That is why I am sharing the simple directions with you.

Healing your hara line is part of what I do in a typical Reiki energy healing session. Discover how to live in the flow of your true energy and notice how your intuition comes more naturally.


  1. Thank you Catherine for this!

    • Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for reading my blog! I’m so glad you found this helpful. Many people have heard about the chakras but few are aware of our hara line. It’s critical to maintain a healthy hara line for A being able to manifest what we want in our lives B being able to access all of our intuitive gifts and C maintaining healthy energy levels. In my energy healing work I repair the hara line. Love and light, Catherine Carrigan

    • I’ve heard of the Hara several years ago, but it never really clicked. About three years ago, I had a dream, but all Icould remember was the pain of my umbilical cord being cut and the someone handed me a cd with information about the umbilical cord, but when I opened it nothing was there. Time went on and other things came up, but during my meditation I heard Hara. It felt at the time more like a being. Like A guide because I was calling them in. Yet after reading on a site called Alchemy Realm I was stunned. I’ve been having a lot of abdominal issues so this makes perfect sense. I am Reiki Master, so this will really help. Thank you Again!

      • Hi Lisa, I am a Reiki master teacher. Most energy healers just put their hands on a body and allow the energy to flow. As we progress in our understanding of what the energy body actually is, we can check the layers of the energy field in the process of our hands on healing. That will include checking the status of the hara line and repairing blow outs, which are extremely common. The more Reiki masters such as ourselves see the energy body in its entirety the more we can share without clients what’s really happening. Love and light, Catherine Carrigan

  2. Holy shtnzii, this is so cool thank you.

    • Dear Lorraine, Thank you so much for reading my blog! Love and light, Catherine Carrigan

  3. Thank you for sharing this valuable information Catherine it is much appreciated

  4. Dear Catherine,
    Your article is a life saver. In step 3 on how to heal the Hara line, do I physically move my hand from left to right to sweep it or do I continue to visualize sweeping it? Sorry this is a dumb question.

    • Hi Kim, In my mind there are no dumb questions! If you are sweeping with your hand you sweep with your hand. If you are using visualization you visualize it. Either way will work as you are using the power of your intention with your mind. Hope that helps! Love and light, Catherine Carrigan

  5. Dear Cathrine
    I ve read your article first time.iwant to share my experience with all.very few people know how can we make it sure that our prana tube is activated and profoundly charged,just close your nose and mouth and start breathing ,if you can breath comfortably be sure that your prana tube is clean radiant and completely illuminated.

    • Dear Rachna, Breathwork is indeed helpful for opening and balancing our energy body. However, it is my experience that even if a person is breathing properly there may be many imbalances in your chakras, hara line or acupuncture system that a trained energy healer can help you with. Thanks so much for reading! Love and light, Catherine Carrigan

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