Wouldn’t you just love it if there was a simple way you could use to tell whether or not specific foods are good for your body?

No nutritionist.

No diet dictocrats.

No anoreoxic, orthoexic so-called food experts brainwashing you about what you should and should not eat.

Many of my clients – both men and women – are totally confused about what to eat.

The confusion about which diet to follow, which foods to avoid and which ones to give yourself permission to enjoy just adds to the overall negative relationship people have with their body.

They are on a diet, off a diet, going on one so-called cleanse after another and still feeling fat and sluggish.

The truth is you don’t have to accept other people’s programming when it comes to nutrition.

Perhaps gluten-free, all organic, no dairy, no soy, sugar-free, alcohol free, vegan, kosher, grain-free, low fat or some other permutation is what someone else requires to be healthy, but that doesn’t mean you have to live that way.

Here’s a simple way to take your power back.

Just ask your body!

  1. Stand in the middle of a room.
  2. Hold an ingredient to your thymus gland in the center of your chest.
  3. Set your intention. At a deep level, ask to be shown a whole-body response so that you will know whether or not a victual agrees with you or not.
  4. If the chow is actually beneficial, it will strengthen you. Your body will respond by slightly moving forward. Give yourself permission to take a few moments – it may be as long as 10 seconds.
  5. If the overall effect is neutral, you will remain in the middle. That means that the snack doesn’t really add value, but on the other hand it probably won’t make you sick either.
  6. If what you are holding is bad for you, you will find yourself tipping back slightly. It’s as if your body wants to move away from that which doesn’t agree with you.
  7. You get a whole body response because your body always knows what is best!

Why is this simple technique so powerful?

Because you are biochemically unique.

Recently, I was working with a client who had a lesion in her brain.

Thankfully, after working together for a few months with me and several other alternative holistic professionals, the medical tests showed a significant shrinkage. She was elated!

In case you are wondering how to shrink a brain lesion, part of what I advised her to do was to stop drinking all diet sodas and to give up aspartame and to stop using the microwave to heat, reheat or cook any food that went into her mouth.

It was hard for her to do, but on the other hand she did not really want to have brain surgery.

About a month after her good news, she came back for another healing.

“I feel like I have slipped,” she confessed to me. She wasn’t drinking diet soda and had given up her microwave for good but wasn’t all that great at maintaining high-quality nutrition.

Being a health nut for an indefinite period of time did not fall into her goals in life.

Like many other women, she has issues with food and didn’t really want anybody else dictating what she was supposed to eat.

I taught her this technique.

She was shocked how quickly her body responded!

I didn’t need to lecture her about the dangers of non-organic food.

When we went to my kitchen to practice, her body naturally moved away from any fresh fruits and vegetables that had been raised with pesticides and chemicals. Even a small container of organic dried blueberries proved to be a no-no (that was my reminder it was probably five years old and needed to be thrown out).

As a kinesiologist, I have spent years muscle testing food sensitivities, healing people’s gastrointestinal tracts and advising people about diet and nutrition.

But as a medial intuitive, I can also read when people need to get the information themselves, as so many people are simply fed up with being told what to do from other so-called experts who frankly often don’t have a clue themselves.

Being told what to do pulls up everybody’s issues about authority figures, whether that be mommy, daddy, teachers or other enforcers.

Do you struggle to become a goody two-shoes or do you want to rebel, show these people the finger and run in the other direction?

None of this inner turmoil is necessary when you put yourself back in charge of knowing what to eat.

Once you become good at the whole-body technique, you can practice sitting at a table.

I teach people to put their hands over their plate and feel how their body responds.

What is healing? Healing happens when we learn how to listen to our body. Your body knows exactly what it needs to be radiantly healthy.