Join Amazon No. 1 best selling author Catherine Carrigan and host Tom Evans to find out how to use your intuition to get into the zone.

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Tom Evans, host of the Zone Show, is a former BBC television engineer whose life and career began to open up when he started meditating in his mid-40s. Since then, he has written many books, including Managing Time Mindfully, a manual about how to bend time.

His podcast about the zone – how to get into it and stay in it – has now reached 100,000 listeners across the globe.

The podcast about Catherine Carrigan’s fourth Amazon No. 1 bestseller Unlimited Intuition Now discusses how you can use intuitive gifts to access flow, efficiency and ease in your life.

What you will learn by listening:

  • What exactly is a medical intuitive healer?
  • Are intuitives born or nurtured?
  • Why intuition is unlimited
  • Why the time is Now
  • How to avoid overwhelm and overload from unlimited intuition
  • The four primary dramas
  • Seeing angels operating on the Earth Plane
  • How to open the box of miracles
  • The missing operator’s manual to access the sixth senses
  • How to cruise on the spiritual highway
  • Working towards an end to pain

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Since publishing five books, I have been interviewed many times on all kinds of radio programs and podcasts, both in the U.S. and the U.K.

What struck me about being interviewed by Tom Evans from Surrey, England, was that I noticed immediately that he began to bend time while we were talking over Skype.

“What are you doing?” I asked Tom.

“Oh, I have a habit of bending time,” Tom replied.

Fascinated, I downloaded the audiobook version of Managing Time Mindfully.

This book is more than a left-brain manual about how to cram more accomplishments into your already busy day.

Tom teaches you how to bend time by iintegrating your linear left brain perception of time with your right brain big picture awareness.
Your left brain will appreciate the scientific and historic background while your right brain will be fascinated by the mystical but real-world applications.
I highly recommend purchasing the audiobook because it contains guided meditations not available through the ebook or paperback.

From his end, Tom reported that our interview was one of the most joyful he has conducted in recent times.

Open your mind and join the fun by listening here.