Are there regular practices you can engage in that will open and enhance your intuition?

I get this question all the time.

In this interview for the Great Awakening Show for UK Health Radio, Joanne-Divine Life Yogini interview medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan about how yoga and meditation can enhance your intuitive gifts.

You can find out more about Joanne-Divine Life Yogini and her wonderful work at her website 

Questions addressed in this interview include:

How does yoga and meditation awaken our intuitive gifts?

How can we set aside what we think we know to listen to our soul guidance?

How does opening and balancing our chakras through yoga and meditation clear our energy channels?

How does yoga and meditation help us get out of our ego and align with divine energy?

What is a medical intuitive?

What are the 5 koshas?

How has your study of yoga enhanced your practice of medical intuition? 

How is the physical body understood as the body of food?

What is the body of energy? 

How can emotions shut down any physiological process?

How do our thoughts and beliefs affect our health? 

How can connecting to our body of bliss help us feel happier and healthier?

How does the concept of santosha or cultivating contentment help us to be healthier and happier?

What are the 5 levels of healing?

How does illness happen on all 5 levels?

How can working on all 5 levels of healing super charge our healing process?

What is the pain body?

What is the difference between pain and suffering? 

How does yoga help us release pain and suffering? 

What are the 4 primary psychic gifts and how do they relate to our chakras?

What yoga poses open and balance our 3rd chakra to enhance our clairsentience?

What yoga poses open and balance our 6th chakra to enhance clairvoyance?

How can finding our voice enhance clairaudience?

How can stopping and thinking give us ego information? 

How can we tell the difference between our soul guidance and our rational mind thinking? 

What is claircognizance?

What does the energy of an incoming terrorist attack feel like?

Why is it critical or even life saving that we listen to our soul guidance?

How can you use the Lord’s Prayer or the Gayatri Mantra as an attunement to connect every aspect of yourself to the Divine?

How can using a Loving Kindness meditation practice enhance our spiritual connection?

How can you turn on your intuitive gifts first thing in the morning help you run your life? 

How can you set your shadow also known as your ego aside so that you can hear your soul guidance more clearly?

Why is it so important for people who have healing practices to practice yoga, tai chi or qi gong? 

Why is it so critical to have personal practices that make yourself happy every day?

What does it mean to be a lighthouse?

How can yoga improve our longevity?

How can practicing yoga as an older woman preserve the grey matter in our brains?

How can holding yoga poses 30 to 60 seconds strengthen our bones?

How can balancing your nervous system through a yoga practice help you create better balance in your life?

How can an alignment based yoga practice help you get out of pain? 

How can hand mudras change the flow of energy in your body?

How can you tell whether or not you are actually stressed?

How can overcome the loneliness of the pandemic?

How can breathwork cut anxiety and panic?

How can yoga, breathwork and meditation keep us out of addiction? 

How can we hear our angels?

What is the difference between our ego messages and angelic communication? 

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