Yesterday I found myself sitting in my back garden on the bench by my blue jar fountain eating a bowl of cherries while my dog Belle waited for scraps.

I was eating my cherries watching the little birds hovering around our new squirrel-proof bird feeder (actually such a thing does exist).

Just me, my dog Belle, the little birds and a bowl of cherries – nowhere to go, nothing to prove, just hanging out listening to my soul.

I believe that when we take the time to listen to our soul, we see way beyond the surface and draw from a deeper well of information.

Do I stay or do I go? 

Is it in my highest best interests to move forward on a project at this time or hang back and wait for the energy to clear? 

By taking the time to appear to do nothing, we can create the space to gather a tremendous amount of important information.

Some people call this using your intuition.

Everybody’s ego is almost boringly the same. Although we all want different things – one person wants to be a C.E.O., another person wants a house in Malibu, somebody else wants to climb Mt. Everest and so on – the longings of the ego are markedly different from what our soul is asking for.

You’ll know what your soul wants as the mere thought of a soul longing will lift you, thrill you, delight you and make you feel tingly all over. 

“You might as well listen to your soul,” I found myself advising one of my clients this week in a medical intuitive reading. “Your soul will ultimately win.”

I believe your soul actually creates quite a few of what we sometimes think of as crises in our lives precisely because we are getting off track. Your soul will do whatever it takes to pull you up short and point you in another direction.

You think you want to rule the universe and what you really want is to sit in your back garden with a puppy.

You think you want to make a lot of money and what your soul wants is a deep connection with people who really love you.

You think you are getting tired of what you are doing, where you are living and what your soul wants is to look at your entire life from a totally different perspective.

Next time you think you are having a crisis, sit in your own back garden with a bowl of cherries. Watch the birds and pet your dog. Ask your soul if it’s really actually a crisis or your soul pulling you into a deeper dimension!