Every once in awhile, I will meet someone new who is afraid that because I am intuitive, I might possibly figure out something terrible and go into judgment of them.

I want to explain this very clearly – as clearly as I can.

Intuition is a byproduct of unconditional love.

When you, as a human being, actually love someone without any reservations, you know everything that you need to know about that person.

Let’s take the example of a mother.

A mother knows when her baby is hungry, when he is tired and what he needs to be consoled.


I am sure you must have had this experience in your own life.

Think of someone you have loved very deeply. Haven’t you just known things about that person? Maybe you know when they are having a hard day or a challenging time in their life. Even if you know about a difficulty they are having, you look on that as a part of their human experience, a place where they happen to be stuck at the moment on their life journey.


You can not hate and be intuitive.

I will say that again for emphasis.

You absolutely can’t hate anybody and actually be intuitive about them. It’s just not possible.


You also can’t judge another person and be intuitive about them.

It’s just not possible.


Why is this the case?


I am a great fan of Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power Vs. Force. Dr. Hawkins spent about 20 years of his life developing a scale of consciousness from 0 to 1000. A human being can’t hold energies higher than 1,000. That high number was reserved for Jesus, Buddha and the other avatars. Everything and everyone has a level of consciousness, and your level of consciousness is a composite of your view of God, your emotions, your process. Everything and everyone below 200 is destructive to life and not in integrity. When you reach 400, you are in the level of consciousness of reason. When you reach the 500s, which is love, your life takes a significant turn. When you reach the level 540, which is unconditional love, you begin to develop siddhis, which are intuitive gifts. These gifts are not personal. They are literally just that – gifts.


When we raise our level of consciousness, what we are literally doing is becoming more aware.


To be intuitive is simply to be aware of more information – more information than can readily be measured or quantified, reasoned or logically analyzed.


When we go into hatred about someone or something, we have sharply limited our awareness. In fact, when we hate anyone or anything, we are simply projecting our own negativity out into the world. By definition, we aren’t neutral, and you can’t truly be intuitive until and unless you can get into neutral.


When we hate we don’t see the whole big picture.


Same thing with judgment.


When we hate someone or something – even if it is a so-called negative event, like a house fire, or a disease, or a war or a mass murderer – we are sharply limiting our awareness of what that person or thing is really about.


It’s like instead of getting the Google earth picture, where you see the whole picture and how it all fits together, you focus on the crumb.


So if you can’t be intuitive if you hate or judge other people, then one way to become more intuitive is simply to be more loving.


As my yoga teacher Erich Schiffman used to say, “Be the place that love flows through. It is good for others and good for you.”


Just as many people have a limited comfort zone with success, many people have sharply narrowed their personal ability to give or receive love.


It has to be this way. It has to be from certain people. If someone loves you in a way that you don’t approve of, that’s a problem for you.


To be more intuitive, we need to expand our abilities to love everyone or everything unconditionally, with zero exceptions.


Just the other day a friend called because her stepson was having marital problems.


I have never met her stepson or his wife. I got the whole picture.


The wife is very eager to have babies. She views being a mother as her No. 1 purpose in life. She has not been able to get pregnant and is being as mean as possible in a desperate attempt to get away out of her marriage as fast as possible. She can feel her biological clock ticking. She had already totally disconnected from her husband and had already found a potential new father for her children.


The husband is heartbroken. He is equally desperately trying to make his marriage work, but he has not been able to give his wife what she needs.


My friend who called for advice confirmed the facts of everything I relayed to her.

Her stepson has type 1 diabetes and he and his wife had never conceived a child even though they had never had protected sex.


I would not have been able to get this information if I had judged either one – either the husband or the wife.


I felt great compassion for both the husband and the wife. At present, they are both in a no-win situation. Neither one has been able to receive what they really need from their partner.


If you are wanting to be more intuitive, ask yourself how able you are to give and receive love.


There are seven layers of your heart chakra. You will want your heart to be fully open, which takes tremendous courage. You can’t be shut down at the heart level if you want to access your greatest intelligence. The highest level of knowing does not come from the intellect, it actually comes from love.


I think that is why many left-brain, rational type people are not comfortable with the whole field of intuition. They don’t understand how I could know things that can be backed up and proven later on by medical tests or other verifiable measurements. They only know how to work through information on a logic basis, rather than a true heart basis.


When your heart is truly open, you go into entrainment. Your EKG and your EEG synchronize. That means your heart rate and your brains waves go into alignment and you access a very high level of information. This happens in states of unconditional love and compassion.


I remember the first person I ever studied with about intuition told me that I have an angel that helps me tell people the worst thing about them in a purely delightful, unthreatening way. That’s because I don’t judge or hate. It’s not my nature and it’s not my habit.


Another way of thinking about judgment is that when you judge, you put things in little boxes. It’s a habit of mind where your mind is simply trying to keep things organized.


The truth is, there is no objective, measureable reality out there out there. What each of us experience is an outward projection of what’s going on internally.


If you don’t understand or agree with that statement, then I recommend you pick up A Course In Miracles and begin what for me has been a long-time process of assimilating a very high level of spiritual information. One of the first lessons in the course is that nothing has any meaning other than what you give it.


Loving goes beyond meaning. Meaning is a byproduct of mind. Loving is a way of being with people, of being with what happens in our lives, of being with the process, which has its ups, its downs, its sideways detours and scenic routes and great surprises. When we love, we are able to overlook peccadillos and see even other people’s greatest struggles as part of their spiritual process. We stop expecting other people to live up to our frankly ridiculous ideas of what it means to show up perfectly in our world. We stop writing the script for other people about how we think they should act, speak or be. Everybody gets to be exactly who they are because we have a deep level of knowing that each person is on their precisely correct spiritual path.


In fact, according to Dr. Hawkins, your entire life is set up like a personalized self study course in exactly what you need to learn, spiritually speaking.


So what I need to learn and what you need to learn may in fact be different.


That doesn’t mean I am right or you are wrong or vice versa.


We both get to be right because what I am experiencing are the spiritual lessons I need to learn at my level of consciousness, and what you are experiencing are the exact lessons you need at your present level of spiritual awareness.


Hey! Everybody can win. What a concept!


Whatever level of consciousness you happen to be at today, I recommend that you sit with yourself and examine the ways you can stop hating or judging. You can start with the easy ones like the Republicans or the Democrats. That will make it easier when you go on to heavyweight efforts like your mother, your father, your brother, your sister or anyone you feel has hurt you in any way. Now we are really talking!


As we progress, we can give ourselves permission to have maybe a few minutes of whining and complaining (a personal specialty of mine, as I am still pretty human by all reports) and move on to stop judging what happens in our own lives.


If it is truly all God, then it’s all good.


If everything that exists is all God, then there is actually, at the end of the day, no such thing as “bad.” Maybe there is indeed such a thing as “I would rather not have pulled this experience right now,” or “I love that person so much I would rather not see them suffering.”


Frankly it’s all one big head game until and unless you can get your ego self out of the way, as smart and as highly educated as you may be, and start the deeper experience of loving everybody and everything.


Along the way, you will probably find yourself becoming more and more intuitive.


If you don’t believe me, just try it.


Just try actively loving someone or something, and discover for yourself how much you can surprise yourself about how much you actually know.