Yesterday, I did a distant healing with a dear client in another state.

She had been in a near-dream state when her mind suddenly presented her with a disturbing picture of abuse – I will just leave it at that.

She had been feeling joyful and at peace, and suddenly for no apparent reason, her mind presented her with this disturbance.

In holistic alternative medicine, one of the questions we frequently confront is this:

Is a pattern a person experiencing from a past life or is it an issue from this life that the mind now has the resources to release?

In other words, is it a past life regression that’s needed, or is it a matter of releasing energy and emotions that have been suppressed or repressed from a stressful event in this life?

As a kinesiologist, my first move is to ask the soul what is needed.

I explained to my client there are two possible scenarios.

If you think of the 200,000 years homo sapiens have existed, we as a species have experienced literally every possible atrocity – rape, war, starvation, torture, slavery – just for starters. Therefore it is possible that when we as individuals go into healing our past life issues that some pretty rough stuff may present itself.

Meanwhile, there’s also this lifetime. As a healer, I feel that just clearing what you came into this life to experience will keep your plate full enough without having to delve into what came before. My healing menu definitely includes past life regression therapy, but that is not always what is needed.

One of the ways that the mind often deals with post traumatic stress disorder is by suppressing information.

What is suppression?

Suppression is simply a defense mechanism.

Often, when something happens to us, we don’t have the personal resources to heal or release the trauma – at least not in that particular moment.

We may consciously suppress the energy, emotion and information. That is, we may make a choice not to deal with that at the moment.

If you think of it, you probably suppress stuff all the time – I mean, is your desk totally clean, is your home perfectly vacuumed in this moment, is your trash basket empty? Maybe not yet!

The second possibility is that we may also unconsciously repress the energy, emotion and information.

Whether we consciously suppress or unconsciously repress, the traces of the trauma from this life or past lives may continue to affect our behavior and well-being, especially causing depression, anxiety and exhaustion.

Why exhaustion?
It takes a huge amount of energy to keep a lid on energy, emotion and information.

Just think of the last time you had a pot of boiling water on the stove. How hard was it to keep a lid on? Did the top rattle and hum or even boil over just a little?

Whether a trauma is from a past life or an issue you have been suppressing or repressing from this life time, you can’t heal anything until you create a strong sense of safety.

You have to feel safe enough to release the emotion, otherwise if you try to release, the energy may just get stuck back inside you, packed all the more tightly.

Creating this safety is so important I would say from years of experience that nothing can get released in an unsafe environment.

If you came to my healing studio, you would find it the most comfortable uplifting place possible. My studio overlooks my garden and is full of orchids. My fluffy rescue dog Belle often works with me.

About a year ago, a mother brought her teenage son to see me.

He had been acting so strangely she was afraid he might commit suicide.

On top of that, he was barely talking to anybody. Nobody knew what was really wrong.

The first thing I did when he came in for a session was ask him to draw a picture of what he needed in order to feel safe.

I knew that his trauma was wound so tightly that words would not begin to express it.

Working with post traumatic stress disorder requires great patience and a slow and gentle approach.

Whether your trauma came from a past life or this lifetime really doesn’t matter.

The core issue is to ask your soul whether you now have the personal resources to release it and then create as safe a place as possible so the issues can be resolved.

What is healing?

Healing happens when we listen to our soul. We need to have great compassion and patience for ourselves, trusting the process as it unfolds.