One of the things I hear all the time from my clients is a song of impatience.

It goes something like this:

Where’s my guy?

Where’s my baby?

Why aren’t all my physical problems that I have had for 30 years gone after two weeks taking vitamins already?

Why can’t I just be well when I decide I am ready to be well?


One of the biggest things we humans sometimes have trouble with is process.

The reason you need to process is that allowing yourself the time to process in whatever ways your body-mind needs to process allows the changes to settle in, take place and really happen.

It took seven years to make the physical body you are living in.

It took 120 days to make the blood that is pumping through your veins.

Sure, you can change your mind right now, but it will also take time to process through all the emotions – good and bad – that brought you to this very moment.


I recently spent two days taking photographs of butterflies.

This is a pure delight! They flutter off just as fast as you can focus your iPhone, a fun chase.

It seemed like it was going to be easier to photograph a chrysalis, the pupa that a butterfly forms before it becomes absolutely gorgeous.

I was wrong.

I must have taken a picture of this one chrysalis like 20 times.

Most of my photos turned out blurry.

I was trying to catch the small line of bead-like gold dots.

Finally, after some patience, I was able to capture this photograph.


Here is my point: the chrysalis is almost as breath-taking as the Monarch butterfly itself.

Sure, it doesn’t have wings. It can’t fly off any which way it likes.

But it’s still an important, deep, profound and amazing step.


Allow yourself to be O.K. not being the butterfly yet. It takes time to create an entirely new beautiful you.

You are still amazing, even if nobody but you and God understand that yet!