Maxine Taylor interviewed Catherine Carrigan for a medical intuitive reading of Ivanka Trump.

As of April 5, 2017, Ivanka Trump, advisor and daughter to President Donald Trump, is 35 years old.

Her overall life energy is 62/100.

Her most stressed organ is her pericardium – the double walled sac containing the heart – currently experiencing inflammation.

Physical Level

Inflammation may be caused by dietary factors including caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, sugar, fried foods and gluten, but it may also be caused by excessive emotional stress.

Her body type is a Heart body type based on Carolyn Mein’s system of body typing, where the type is named by the dominant gland or organ.

Carolyn Mein has this to say about Heart body types:

“Just as the heartbeat regulates the flow of the blood throughout the body, Heart body types regulate the beat of their environment. Heart types can walk into a room and create either harmony or discord within a group. Their approach can be quite subtle, especially when they are in a new environment – first getting in step with what is going on, and then deciding whether to shift it. Being able to set the beat, they have the natural ability to influence the moods of those around them. Physically softer than most other types, they impress others as being sweet and lovable. Women are often round and heart-shaped, while men and boys are huggable like teddy bears.”

Energetic Level

Her primary operating chakra is her 6th chakra, the center of psychic vision. This is why she is a fashion designer.

She is healthier than the average woman her age but she has room to improve her energy. She currently has  three children and is assistant to her father Donald Trump.

I find she is currently in stage 2-2  of adrenal stress.

There are three primary stages of adrenal stress:

Stage 1  – Alarm

Stage 2- Adaptation

Stage 3 – Exhaustion

Within each stage there are 3 stages. I discussed the alarm, adaptation and exhaustion spectrum and what to do about it in my book Unlimited Energy Now.

Age 35 is a turning point for many women metabolically speaking as over the age of 35 most women in Western cultures begin to experience the side effects of long-term adrenal stress.

You can make yourself insulin resistant simply by having burned out adrenal glands.

Adrenal burnout is fatigue that’s not relieved by rest and sleep.

She has been executive vice president of her father’s company The Trump Organization and at this point the stress is beginning to catch up with her as she is just two steps above exhaustion.

If I were her naturopath, health coach or healer, I would be recommending she test her adrenal gland function every 6 months to guard against sliding into total adrenal burnout.

Emotional Level

There is an acupuncture meridian called the Heart Protector meridian – also called Circulation Sex – or the Pericardium meridian.

This meridian is all about bonding.

She thrives on connection, being the connector and being the one who makes introductions as well as being connected.

I think that this is one of her primary values in life, the value of bonding.

Some of the primary emotions in this meridian include:

  • gloom
  • hysteria
  • relaxation
  • stubbornness
  • tranquility
  • responsibility
  • generosity
  • jealousy
  • remorse
  • calmness

I think what drives Ivanka is literally the feeling of connection – of wanting to be more connected and of deriving great satisfaction out of the feeling of connection to her husband, her children, her father and the country at large.

Her philanthropic sense is wanting to care for the country in the same way that she cares for and is connected to her family.

You might think of this as being the ultimate networker, which indeed she is, but instead of the more masculine counterpart she’s feeling as though this is more of a family connection, of extended family, more of a feeling of wanting to be a mother to everyone.

Mental Level 

In the Myers Briggs system, I find Ivanka Trump currently functions as an ENFP – Extroverted / Intuitive / Feeling / Perceiving – (6.4% of males, 9.7% of females).

“ENFP’s are warm enthusiastic people, who are typically bright and full of potential.  They are imaginative and see life as being full of possibilities.  They tend to have a broad range of interests and do well at the things that interest them.  ENFP’s quickly see connections between events and information, and are able to move forward with confidence based on what they see.  When maladaptive, an ENFP has the capacity to be manipulative and use their ‘gift of gab’ in negative ways.

Spiritual Level 

Her archeytpes include:

  • mother – I think this is the role that inspires her the most and that also defines her more so than her career
  • gambler – she enjoys taking risks, a skill she learned from her father
  • storyteller
  • queen

Her primary psychic gift is clairvoyance, or psychic vision.

According to my book Unlimited Intuition Now, this is what you can learn about clairvoyance:

“I shut my eyes in order to see.”

Paul Gaugin

Clairvoyance is your gift of psychic vision.


Ability to read the energy field or aura around a person

Receives information through symbols, images and pictures in your mind’s eye

Capacity to project your energy into other locations around the globe for remote viewing

Foresight to “see ahead” into future events and situations

Retroactive vision into the past to witness details of past events and situations

May catch glimpses of sequential actions

Ideal for spotting fashion trends

Understands the symbology and psychology of color

Great for creating the ideal appearance to fit in to any group or situation

Best for decorating a space and knowing how to lay out any environment

Helps you find lost items

Capacity to shift perspective, such as when you narrow your inner vision to inspect things up close, such as looking inside the organs of the body, or expand to get a wider view, such as observing the building from street level

May receive images in a dream or daydream

Good at tracking the messages of nature

Makes it easier for you to manifest what you want because you have the capacity to visualize the end result

Sees beyond appearances to what is really going on

Visionary to see what’s really needed

Photographic memory

Ability to see angels


Tendency to get stuck on a specific picture of how you think your life or other people’s situations should look

You must interpret the pictures you see in your mind’s eye

Best psychic sense for creating a believable impression – i.e., “seeing is believing”

May get confused thinking what you visualize is your imagination rather than guidance from your soul

So focused on appearance you may miss the underlying feelings or emotions

Energy center for receiving clairvoyance:

6th chakra (third eye)

What helps to develop your clairvoyance:

Relax your gaze and use your peripheral vision to look past a person’s shoulder

Have a person stand in front of a white wall and notice the transparent colors of their energy field

Go into a dimly lit room with a mirror and look past your own shoulder

Pay attention to pictures or images that flash into your mind

Focus on your third eye when you meditate

Surround yourself with beauty

Always look your best

Let go of judgment so that you allow yourself to observe rather than moralizing or even having opinions about what’s really happening

Use an eye pillow when you meditate to relax your physical eyes

Ask your angels to help you see more of what is really going on

Integrate the right and left hemispheres of your brain in order to open your third eye



On a soul level, she experiences heart scars.

I think from what I can see she took the divorce of her parents to heart. Divorce goes against her primary value of connection.

I would do a healing with her to release these heart scars.

As souls sometimes we experience spiritual wounds to heart, wounds that have gone so deep they hurt us all the way to the level of our soul. I think this is how Ivanka took the divorce between her father and mother.

I would also do a healing with her to release negative interference on all levels.

Sometimes negative interference means that we are not able to use our soul gifts because we are being psychically bombarded by energy and information that clouds our judgment.

Often we are not able to perceive this negative interference.

Negative cords and hooks can be like a weight on one’s soul.

She finds conflict difficult to deal with.

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