“You have to try really hard to be a nonconformist around here.”

So said my neighbor Steve Hart, who runs the Monday night meditation program at the Atlanta Zen Center, when I got into his car for the ride over.

I was wearing a dress. Nobody else comes to meditate in dresses.

It sounds crazy but you can use your psychic gifts to get dressed.

Just imagine that place you are going to be. Feel ahead into the situation. Feel what your body will feel like in any location.

I could feel that it would be very hot at the meditation center on Monday night, so I put on a sleeveless sundress.

Saturday night I did the same thing. I was going to a play, and I knew to wear white jeans, a jacket and to bring a shawl. I sat there freezing.

As it turned out, I was right once again on Monday night, because I sat there sweating.

I brought my shawl as usual just in case I got chilled but I never needed it.

I am always encouraging everyone to go to the Atlanta Zen Center. It’s free. Of course, you can make a donation, but if you want to learn how to meditate or you want to be in an especially quiet place with a group of dedicated meditators, this is the place to go. You don’t need to become a Buddhist. Everybody is welcome. The only distraction comes when the train goes by or somebody can’t help themselves and coughs.

Afterwards, Steve leads a brilliant discussion.

Last night, somebody in the group, a medical doctor who comes regularly, had a great insight.

“We can read all these self help books, but sooner or later you have to stop trying to change things and just accept that this is the way it is and get on with it.

“It’s like when we are meditating.”

Just accept that there is a certain amount of noise in your head. The learning is figuring out how not to get attached to it.

Then dress appropriately!