Everybody knows that my life’s work is about empowering other people to be healthier and happier.

In keeping with that goal, I am pleased to announce that beginning on June 24, I will be offering a FREE meditation class every Monday night at 7:30.

Leading the class will be my neighbor Steven Hart.

Steve has taught meditation for 13 years. His dedication to his practice is self evident to anyone who interacts with him, as his calmness and wisdom comforts all those around him. We are very privileged to be led in meditation by someone who has developed his own practice to such a profound degree.

Even if you have no previous experience meditation, you are welcome to join us.

Although anyone can meditate sitting or lying at home, I have found from personal experience that meditating in a group is dramatically better.

From my own knowledge of science, I would surmise that when we meditate in a group, we come into entrainment with one another.

When you entrain to another person or a group, what that means, scientifically speaking, is that your EKG and your EEG come into coherence with the people around you.

This happens whether you know about it or not and also whether you agree about it or not.

That may also be why scientific research shows that even your body weight – how much you weigh – has a lot to do with how much your close friends weigh. If the people you spend the most time with are overweight, you will most likely become that way also. On the other hand, if your best friends are slim and exercise regularly, their good work may ultimately have an effect for you to follow suit.

Our hearts and minds literally come into harmony with the people we spend the most time with.

Here’s what you need to know about our FREE Monday night meditation:

If you are NEW to meditation: Steve Hart will be giving instructions for everyone who is new to meditation. Whether you have never meditated before or have sat every day for years, you will be welcome to join us.

When: Please show up a few minutes early, generally no later than 7:20 p.m., as our practice will start promptly at 7:30. It is generally good etiquette not to arrive late, otherwise you disturb others who have begun their practice. Please arrive ahead of time so you can settle in.

Where: My studio 1951 Northside Drive. Please park on the side street, Spring Valley Road, and come up the steps to my studio by the blue jar fountain.

What to wear: Comfortable clothes. I like to wear one of my hand-knitted shawls when I meditate. When you arrive at the door, you will be asked to take off your shoes. I generally wear socks to keep my feet warm.

What to bring: The only thing you really need to bring is yourself. I will be providing blankets, yoga eggs or yoga blocks to sit on. If you happen to have a zafu (a meditation cushion) or yoga bolster, please bring it along if that would help you be more comfortable.

What we will do: We will be sitting in silent meditation for 25 minutes, following by five minutes of silent walking meditation and concluding with another 25 minutes of zazen (silent sitting meditation). The entire practice will last about an hour.

Who is invited: Everyone who wants to develop a meditation practice. Meditation is available to people of all religious backgrounds. It is a practice of quieting the mind that has been heavily studied by neuroscientists for its many benefits.

Meditation is one of the most effective things you can ever do if you really want to improve your health and take your personal sense of happiness to whole new levels.